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Mentors are trusted business guides who share their in-depth experience to help you develop your business. Mentoring is about listening to you, helping you plan and keeping you motivated. Mentoring works surprisingly well because clients take an active part throughout the process rather than just being handed a file of someone else's recommendations at the end. Being told what to do with your business isn't a happy outcome, especially if you haven't been involved in the thought process.



Having a Mentor listen to your hopes and problems helps lessen the burden and can provide a valuable sounding board for future development. Your Mentor is skilled at looking at issues from a range of perspectives, providing practical insight and suggesting alternative viewpoints.



It can be hard to get motivated when you lack a clear plan, or need skills you don't have or are overwhelmed by tasks that lie ahead. A Mentor can help with this. Because they are not directly involved with your business, mentors can cut through the day-to-day problems. They can help you look at the broader picture and work towards achieving set goals.


Helping you plan

Most businesses concentrate on today and not tomorrow. Yet knowing what to expect tomorrow is critical if the business is to grow. Our Mentors focus on both current issues and the future direction needed to make the business prosper. They will work with you to look to your future and help build a plan that sets out clear steps for you to follow.


Metropolitan and Regional

SBMS Mentors are usually retired or semiretired. As Volunteers, mentors offer their assistance at low subsidised rates and seek to help you make your business better. In most instances, the Mentor will come to you. Live outside of a mentors listed area (Mentors show the areas they can travel to or live in under their CV). Mentors will be happy to meet you at an agreed location. Suppose you are a regional client seeking a metropolitan mentor or the reverse. In that case, you can still choose any mentor if you are prepared to travel to their region to meet. In general, if a Mentor is selected that does not travel to your region, we will try to find a more local mentor.

Upcoming Events & Clinics

iHarvest Coworking - Lunch & Learn - Marketing

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
Lunch & Learn Group Mentoring Session $10.00 (inc GST)
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iHarvest Coworking - Mentor in Residence - 1:1 Session (EVO09KTY2391)

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
1:1 Mentoring Session $33.00 (Inc GST)
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Wellington Small Business Clinic - SALE OFFICE (WEO10MCK2352)

Thursday, 20 Jun 2024
FREE - Small Business Mentoring for the Wellington Shire Council Businesses. The program will assist in providing General Business advice, discussion topics anywhere from Planning, Starting or wanting to Grow your Business.
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South Gippsland Small Business Clinic - Evening (SGPV15MCU2395)

Thursday, 20 Jun 2024
Small Business Clinic Program for South Gippsland Shire Businesses Whether you're planning, starting or growing your business, reviewing financial viability looking at cash flow, business recovery or reactivation our SBMS mentoring sessions will provide the guidance necessary to assist.
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