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Becoming a Mentor

Become a Mentor with SBMS

Who Are We?

SBMS is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing accessible and affordable mentoring services for small business owners.

SBMS passionately believes in the vital role small businesses play in enhancing their local communities and driving economic development.

Working directly with business owners, and in collaboration with community, government and industry partners, SBMS delivers tailored mentoring support that is responsive to the needs of small business.

SBMS strives to empower business owners to build resilient, prosperous, and sustainable businesses.

If you have successfully run a business, and you think you can help other businesses, then this opportunity might be for you.

Who's the Ideal Mentor?

  1. Experienced Business Professionals: If you've owned or run a successful, well-established business, your experience matters.
  2. Empathetic Listener: Understand the challenges of small businesses and be ready to lend an ear.
  3. Business Background: Having a significant small business background and understanding the nuances of small businesses is crucial.
  4. Success Stories: Ideally, you've run or owned a successful business.

Ideally, mentor applicants will have shown success in their business life, having started, run or owned a successful business.

What Does a Mentor Do?

  • Listen attentively to clients' aspirations, issues, and concerns.
  • Guide them towards viable solutions, fostering their own decision-making.
  • Remember, SBMS is not about direct consulting. It's about helping clients find their path.

Commitment Required:

  • Mentor sessions typically last 60-90 minutes.
  • Mentoring sessions are virtual or in-person meetings usually held during business hours.
  • Mentors should be ready to serve a minimum of 6 clients annually, with around 4 sessions for each.
  • On average, you should set aside a minimum of 2-3 hours a week for mentoring activities.
  • SBMS mentors are unpaid volunteers (SBMS reimburses mentors for reasonable out of pocket expenses).
  • Mentors are required to adhere to SBMS' professional standards and our code of ethics.

SBMS mentors must not solicit work, or seek or accept a financial or material benefit of any kind, either directly or indirectly, as a result of their involvement with SBMS, its clients, partners, and suppliers. If you or a related party are currently in business, consulting or selling goods and services to small businesses, you should carefully consider any potential conflict before proceeding with an expression of interest to become a mentor.

Regional Expansion:

Small businesses in regional areas need guidance too. If you're interested in expanding SBMS's reach beyond metropolitan areas, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Training & Skills:

  • New mentors will undergo an initial induction and training
  • Proficiency in using websites, email, and office applications
  • Regular information sessions and meetings with SBMS leadership will keep you updated.

How to Join:

Want to see our current mentors? Check out their profiles on our website here. If you are keen to make a difference, fill out an Expression of Interest Form.