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QVM Women in Business

Traders Connect

SBMS runs a workshop series specifically designed for women. The series will provide monthly workshops with a small group of women (maximum 10) that trade at the Market.

SBMS QVM women in Business

 The Women in Business program is delivered by way of 6 independent workshops. Workshop participants also receive ‘one on one’ mentoring after each workshop to assist with planning, marketing, staffing, stock management,  and digital enhancement of their businesses.

Workshop titles include...

  • Goal Setting
  • Decide Your Income
  • Marketing – Off-Line
  • Marketing – On-Line
  • Managing to succeed
  • Creating your Realistic Business Plan

  Madalen Ross, QVM Program Manager

Speak to Madalen Ross, your Trader Connect connection to mentoring and programs.
Call 1300 631 171 or email [email protected]

Through SBMS, market traders can access many programs and opportunities for support including:

The program is complimented by access to business skills training videos, podcasts, and local support at the Trader Connect lounge. Traders also have access to podcasts from business experts through The Small Business Institute website, and where required access to a suite of small business networks and professional organisations and experts.