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SBMS has established relationships with a number of universities including RMIT, Chisholm, Deakin, Swinburne, Latrobe, Melbourne and SAE Institute,  in providing opportunities for students to gain professional experience and practice the skills they are studying by working directly with QVM Traders. 


Coming from a broad category of backgrounds and personal interests, our interns share one thing in common:  their love for local small business and marketing.  They’re passionate about putting their skills to good use, each ready and eager to take up the challenge and help QVM business owners.  The value they bring cannot be understated. Our Interns’ capabilities include photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, visual communications, and marketing.


Need help with any of the following? We can help for FREE

  • Digital Marketing - Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, QVM website, Citations etc.
  • New website or update existing website (including e-commerce website)
  • Graphic Design (signage, business cards etc, re-usable bag design)
  • New Brand Design
  • Logo Update
  • Product Photography
  • Videos
  • Marketing Material Creation

Meet our Interns

Zoe Wolf, undergoing SBMS internship

Zoe Wolf
Zoe is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Business (Professional) with a major in Marketing and a minor in Digital Advertising Technology at Swinburne University. She is excited to be able to put her knowledge and skills to use while assisting the QVM traders with their digital marketing and social media.

She hopes to be able to one day run the digital marketing and/or social media channels for a large business as a part of their marketing department.

Muskan Suri, SBMS Intern Muskan Suri

Muskan Suri is in her final year of Bachelor of International Business at RMIT University. Muskan has worked in hospitality, retail and administrative sectors and recently developed an inclination towards digital marketing and social media. She has a keen interest in content creation and visual representation and would like to explore it further. Her aim is to help small businesses at QVM expand their digital presence. Muskan is highly motivated and optimistic who finds joy in reading books, spontaneous adventures and trying new cuisines.

 Romi Mason, SBMS Intern

Romi Mason

Romi is a recent International Business and Business (Marketing) graduate from Monash University, who is looking to enhance his marketing skillset with real-world, workplace experience.  

Romi has found a passion within the digital marketing landscape including social media, SEO, content creation and analytics. He is motivated by interpreting analytics to assist businesses to improve their marketing campaigns and ultimately drive more sales.
Phung Dang, SBMS Internship Phung Dang
Phung is a passionate and dedicated final-year marketing and entrepreneurship student at RMIT. With the creative and innovative mindset from studying both entrepreneurship and marketing, she has the confidence in delivering knowledgeable and useful skills into any given project. Throughout her course, she has gained valuable skills and the ability to harness any given opportunity to create sufficient outcomes.

Phung is passionate about all things marketing and creative thinking and is highly motivated to help businesses flourish and explore their potentials.
 Micaela Griffiths, SBMS Intern

Micaela Griffiths
Micaela Griffiths is a driven and enthusiastic individual.  She is currently in her final year Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT University. She has good communication and problem-solving skills and wants to try everything she possibly can in marketing. She is always pouncing on new opportunities.  Micaela has experience in digital marketing, in particular with social media marketing and designing a website.

 Gaurav Arora, SBMS Intern

Gaurav Arora
Gaurav is an international student in his final year of Bachelor of Business Information Systems at RMIT University.

Gaurav has experience working in hospitality and as a sales growth partner at a start-up giving him extensive knowledge when it comes to dealing with clients. 

His particular interests are in sports and music and he enjoys learning new things. Gaurav is keen to increase his knowledge of digital marketing, web development, and SEO.
 Dean Snow, SBMS Intern

Dean Snow
Dean is in his final year of a Double-degree at Swinburne University (majoring in Advertising & Marketing). Having lived in Melbourne his whole life, Dean has been surrounded by the world of advertising and has a great passion for the industry.

He has worked on projects which have helped him establish strong communication skills with both advertising & marketing professionals to solidify his abilities in problem-solving when needing to look at a complex situation and find an answer. In his spare time, Dean is a scout leader who tries to get out of the big city as much as possible.

 Marcus Romeo, SBMS Intern

Marcus Romeo

Marcus is a recent Communications (Media) graduate from RMIT who loves all things media.

He is a passionate multi-media creator who loves creating digital content. He has gained a range of skills such as videography, motion graphics, and photography throughout his studies and is also a keen learner, always on the lookout for continuous improvement. He hopes to use his skills to help small businesses grow and build their online presence.
Angelo Mayo, SBMS Intern

Angelo Mayo

Angelo graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Communication Design and was awarded first-class honors in Bachelor of Art (Photography) (Honours) at RMIT. Angelo has three years of industrial internship experience in the field of UI/UX design, graphic design(Layout), and photography in China. He has a diverse and competitive skill set that includes, but is not limited to photography, programming, print design, photo retouch, concept design, 3D modeling, and graphic design. He is familiar with Adobe Suite, Blender, Sketchup and has experience with digital platforms like Squarespace, with extensive knowledge of programming in Python.
 Davzon Toy, SBMS intern

Davzon Toy
Davzon is in his 2nd year of Bachelor of Design: Communication Design and Photo Media at Swinburne University of Technology.

Proficient in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Shopify websites, Davzon is keen to develop his skills working with QVM businesses.


Jessica Vranes

Jessica Vranes
Jess recently graduated from Swinburne with a Bachelor of Film and Television, but wanted to go further down the path of graphic design and content creation after doing a minor in Photomedia.

She has always been super creative and loved everything photography, videography, design and media. Jess loves what this organisation is doing for the vendors at Queen Victoria Market and is super excited to work together to help different businesses grow their online presence and support them as much as possible.

Aisling McComiskey

Aisling (Ash) McComiskey

Ash is a third-year design student studying at the University of Melbourne, majoring in graphic design. She has a larger-than-life passion for typography, photography & infographics. The past year she has been honing her digital illustration skills and producing her own modular typefaces, brand identities & logos. Creating inspiring and vibrant graphics that prompt conversation is what she loves to do.
Shivangi Malhotra

Shivangi Malhotra
Shivangi is a final year Master in Information Technology student studying at Swinburne University in Melbourne. Throughout her course and previous professional experiences, she has gained knowledge in Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Web programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc. She is also familiar with digital platforms like Shopify and WordPress.

She also has a degree in English and has also worked as a content writer.

Shivangi is a highly motivated individual that is keen on working with small scale business and learn new skills and strategies.

Chontelle Cananzi, SBMS Intern

Chontelle Cananzi

Chontelle is a passionate second-year student completing her Bachelor of Business (Applied Marketing) degree at RMIT. With an extensive range of work experience including retail, hospitality, legal, administration and entertainment, Chontelle has always found herself drawn to the marketing side of things. She is a self-managed and self-motivated team player who thrives in fast-paced environments. She has a very good work ethic and always endeavours to do what it takes to get the job done, above and beyond expectation.

Grace Zheng, SBMS Intern

Grace Zheng

Grace Zheng is currently in her second year of Bachelor of Marketing at RMIT University. Her time spent in university has taught her valuable skills that will equip her in achieving objectives given for her. With an opportunistic mindset, she is ready to use her theoretical and practical knowledge to take on any challenges set upon her. She is prepared to assist the traders at QVM in anything within the field of digital marketing.

Grace’s passion for marketing drives her to use both her creativity and analytical thinking in helping businesses enhance their digital presence.

When not working, Grace enjoys reading, finding new places to eat, and watching shows on Netflix.

Rebecca Schilling, SBMS Intern

Rebecca Schilling

Rebecca is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing)(Applied) at RMIT University. She is looking forward to applying the knowledge learned throughout her studies to help QVM traders develop their social media and digital marketing presence. Rebecca is excited for the challenge and the opportunity to gain real-world experience and work alongside industry professionals and businesses to create interesting and unique content. In her free time, she loves spending time outdoors and reading.

Wilson Wong, SBMS Intern

Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong is in the final year of his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree at RMIT University. Specialized in social media marketing and website design, Wilson developed a love for the digital world at a very young age. He had previously worked with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Malaysia which provided him with invaluable hands-on experience in the digital marketing industry.

A highly confident and charismatic individual, Wilson loves to bring out the best in people. His goal for the program is to assist businesses in “achieving a milestone in their digital journey”. He believes that both his communication skills and digital skills will allow him to provide a pleasant working experience for the QVM businesses.

In his free time, Wilson loves going to the gym and playing soccer. He also works part-time at a Japanese restaurant.



Jack Onley

Jack has completed 2 yrs of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and is currently in his final year of study undertaking a Bachelor of Marketing (Applied) at RMIT University Melbourne.

When not studying, Jack is a Front End Supervisor at a Woolworths store and is involved with the Science Fiction and Gaming Association (SFGA).

Lim Eng Hui, SBMS Intern

Lim Eng Hui (Alex)

Lim Eng Hui is currently in his final year of Bachelor of Marketing at RMIT University. He has working experience in digital marketing, sales, marketing and administration.  Lim is hardworking, passionate and driven in the path of being a marketing manager in the future, as he believes he has the skillset of communicating well with clients and handling pressure when problems arise.

Lim has a passion in understanding consumer behaviour, fostering relations, and creating content.  He finds happiness in creating ideas that people would find joy in reading.

Mashail Aamir, SBMS Intern

Mashail Aamir

Mashail is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Minor in Finance and Economics at RMIT University, Melbourne following two years at RMIT University Vietnam studying Bachelor of Business (Digial Marketing).  Born in Pakistan, raised in the Middle East, Mashail has gathered various skills and experiences that have fashioned her into a hard-working and motivated person.  Mashail has work experience as a Social Media Director for an events company and has volunteered on various programs.

Mashail's interests include technology and software, current fashion trends and style, photography, reading and writing.


Lucas Boreham, SBMS Intern

Lucas Boreham

Lucas is currently in his third year studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Entrepeneurship and Marketing at RMIT University Melbourne.   Lucas has experience working with a music producer in executing their social media strategy, as a Sales Rep and in hospitality.

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