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SBMS Interns

Traders Connect


SBMS has established relationships with a number of universities including RMIT, Chisholm, Deakin and Latrobe in providing opportunities for students to gain professional experience and practice the skills they are studying by working directly with QVM Traders. 


Coming from a broad category of backgrounds and personal interests, our interns share one thing in common:  their love for local small business.  They’re passionate about putting their skills to good use, each ready and eager to take up the challenge and help QVM traders.  The value they bring cannot be understated. Our Interns’ capabilities include photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, communications and marketing.


Two of our Interns – Stephanie (Digital Marketing) and Daniel (Videography) finished their internship in September.  Daniel has enjoyed his internship immensely and chosen to stay on around his studies and other commitments. A further four Interns are nearing the end of their internship in October.  During their time with us all have been true ambassadors for SBMS.


As we say good-bye to Nathan (web design/SEO), Thuy (marketing), Nadya (graphic/web design), and Christian (graphic/web design) we extend a warm welcome to our two new interns, Igor and Tobias.  Tobias is already leaving his mark with new logo concepts for QVM Trader, Art n Groove, in his first week with us!

Need help with any of the following? We can help for FREE

  • Digital Marketing - Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, QVM website, Citations etc.
  • New website or update existing website (including e-commerce website)
  • Graphic Design (signage, business cards etc, re-usable bag design)
  • New Brand Design
  • Logo Update
  • Product Photography
  • Videos
  • Marketing Material Creation

Meet our Interns

SBMS Intern, Laura Delgadilla at QVM Laura Delgadillo

Laura is a Graphic Designer and Cinematographic Technician from Santander, Colombia. She trained at the Blackmaria Film School and was the first assistant director producing commercials for Agora Entertainment.

Laura was also the Cameraman for two versions at the Bogoshorts Film Festival held in Bogota, Colombia, and also conducted a workshop for the Direction Of Actors in Cuba. Currently working as a photographer, Laura also runs her own production company Distracción Films.
Finnian Kinsella, SBMS Intern Finnian Kinsella

Finnian is an RMIT graduate who excelled in a Business Entrepreneurship Program. His passion for business and marketing strategy, consulting and innovation, as well as his experience as a bartender and barista led him to found his own E-commerce business “Ecoshave”.

Finnian also volunteers his time tutoring underprivileged kids completing their VCE studies. His other hobbies include mixed Martial Arts and music production.
Nadya Ang, SBMS Intern Nadya Ang

Nadya is a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) student from RMIT. She also has an interest in design and graphics, in particular, Interactive Design including UX and UI, as well as Graphic Design.

Nadya thrives in diversity and enjoys working in team projects as well as using her knowledge and skills to handle different real-world situations. In the future, she hopes to continue contributing to products that solve real-world problems and create better experiences for people.
Daniel Heath, SBMS Intern Daniel Heath

Daniel is currently studying at Deakin University, majoring in Film and Marketing.

He has developed his knowledge and experience as a Videographer and Photographer through his studies, freelancing, and internships within the Corporate and Small Business industries.

Daniel and Shantelle-Ann, Journalist are currently working with the brand Rewine on updating their website and social media content. They produced a series of ‘Interview Style’ videos that
could be spaced out and published monthly on the rewine website and social media platforms. (link to video)
Shantelle-Ann Marquis, Journalist Shantelle-Ann Marquis

Shantelle-Ann is a published journalist with over four years of experience in the media and news industry. Her work can be found in multiple newspapers, media and online news publications throughout Australia and New Zealand such as the EducationHQ, Hatch, Southbank News, CBD News, Docklands News, and many others.

At SBMS, Shantelle-Ann has been producing SEO generated written content for PR, website, blogs, social media, advertising, and marketing. She has also assisted photography, film and digital marketing interns in producing up-to-date and media trending content.
  Christian Ferrero

Christian is an RMIT student currently studying Bachelor in Digital Media. He is an experienced Coder/Programmer with skills in Interactive Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Development, Vector Art and Digital Sketching.

Christian also plans on completing a Master of Education, as he hopes to one day teach and assist others in learning how to code and program.

At SBMS, Christian has been working with the QVM traders in creating websites for their businesses. Christian's work can be found on his online website: https://www.christianferrero.com/portfolio
Thuy Pham, SBMS Intern Thuy Pham

Thuy is a marketing student from La Trobe University currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Initially studying Law and Commerce (Finance), she found herself seeking structure and a need to be creative and analytical. After working and traveling, she deferred to a marketing degree and has since developed a deeper understanding of how to add value to businesses such as through advertising, research, understanding consumer behavior, and relationships.

Thuy also enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym and traveling.
Francis Sta Maria Francis St Maria

Francis St Maria is an RMIT student studying Bachelor of Design - Animation and Interactive Media, Photographer, Videographer, Animator and Graphic Designer. Although his internship with SBMS completed in August, he continues on an ad-hoc basis. His work can be found on his website: domuslux.com.au or his Instagram: Domuslux.

Luke Yehh, SBMS Photography Intern Luke Yehh

Luke is a Digital Design and Photography student with an excellent eye for detail. He has worked on a range of different photography styles, as well as videography.

He hopes to become a professional photographer, run his own business, learn and grow his skills. Luke has interned with SBMS on two occasions and believes that he received the best experience in the field he would like to pursue.
Igor Kukulj, SBMS Intern Igor Kukulj

Igor is a 3rd year Advertising student at RMIT, currently interning with us as a Marketing Communications Coordinator. His aim is to plan out realistic long-term marketing strategies and set them up for their road to success in a fast-paced and ever changing environment. With a love of Advertising and a passion for helping local businesses thrive, Igor hopes to work in the Advertising industry as a Creative Strategist, and one day even have his very own full-service agency, focused on helping out local small businesses.
Tobias Jiang, SBMS Intern Tobias Jiang

Tobias has completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts/Visual Arts and is Adobe Certified.  Tobias is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Web Designer looking to further develop the use of his artistic skill sets. Passionate and driven to learn, Tobias is looking forward to participating in a creative environment. Experienced with personal branding, social media marketing and business related design work, creating high quality art work, understanding of the work flow in a team and as a UX/UI designer.
 Josh Medra

 Josh Medra

Josh is studying Diploma of Marketing and Communications at RMIT University and has created integrated marketing and communications plans and social media plans.  He loves playing sports and enjoys playing the drums. 


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