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SBMS Interns

Traders Connect


SBMS has established relationships with a number of universities including RMIT, Chisholm, Deakin, and Latrobe in providing opportunities for students to gain professional experience and practice the skills they are studying by working directly with QVM Traders. 


Coming from a broad category of backgrounds and personal interests, our interns share one thing in common:  their love for local small business.  They’re passionate about putting their skills to good use, each ready and eager to take up the challenge and help QVM traders.  The value they bring cannot be understated. Our Interns’ capabilities include photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, communications and marketing.


Need help with any of the following? We can help for FREE

  • Digital Marketing - Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, QVM website, Citations etc.
  • New website or update existing website (including e-commerce website)
  • Graphic Design (signage, business cards etc, re-usable bag design)
  • New Brand Design
  • Logo Update
  • Product Photography
  • Videos
  • Marketing Material Creation

Meet our Interns

SBMS Intern, Jack McMahon at QVM

Jack McMahon

Jack has been creating photographic and video content for over 4 years now. After he finished Secondary School he relocated to Melbourne to chase his passion.

This ultimately led him to study Film & TV Production at Swinburne University, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of the video production process including pre-production,production and post-production. He is familiar with using a wide range of equipment including: cameras, lights, microphones, gimbals, tripods, etc.

Jack has worked on various forms of video content including documentaries, short films, music videos, advertisements, promotional videos, wedding videos, real estate videos, live music performances and a live action musical.

Jack is very hard working, diligent and truly passionate about what he does. You can be sure that Jack will always give 100% and be a joy to work with.

Ryan Keach, SBMS Intern Ryan Keach

Ryan is a recent Business Graduate with a focus on marketing. He loves digital marketing and aspires to run his own agency one day. 
Ryan spent time working as an intern for a marketing agency and has solid experience with SEO. This experience includes keyword research, competitor keyword analysis, researching for blog content, and assembling blog calendars and briefs for copywriters.


Ryan’s passion outlets include both photography and videography. These skills are his current focus as he would like to start integrating them with his digital marketing.

 Alyssa Payne

Alyssa Pane

Alyssa is in her second year studying a Bachelor of Business Marketing (Applied) at RMIT University. Throughout her course, she has gained valuable skills in digital marketing, market research and economics.

Alyssa is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual and is passionate about helping small businesses build their digital platform.

Shantelle-Ann Marquis, Journalist Shantelle-Ann Marquis

Shantelle-Ann is a published journalist with over four years of experience in the media and news industry. Her work can be found in multiple newspapers, media and online news publications throughout Australia and New Zealand such as the EducationHQ, Hatch, Southbank News, CBD News, Docklands News, and many others.

At SBMS, Shantelle-Ann has been producing SEO generated written content for PR, website, blogs, social media, advertising, and marketing. She has also assisted photography, film and digital marketing interns in producing up-to-date and media trending content.
 Clarissa Langi, Intern at SBMS on QVM Project

Clarrissa Langi

Clarissa is a final year Commerce student at RMIT University, with a specialisation in marketing. Clarissa is working on social media planning, strategies, and Ad creative.

Currently a volunteer at two non-profit organisations in their retail and business and development department, she has always had a passion in marketing, and aims to work in the digital marketing industry in the future.

Clarissa enjoys Pilates and travelling.

 Harsh Goda, SBMS Intern

Harsh Goda

Harsh Goda is studying a Master’s Degree in MBA (I) majoring in Marketing at Deakin University Australia. He has several digital marketing certifications including SEO Foundations, Google AdWords Certification, and Google Analytics Certification.  Harsh is a marketing and graphic student who creates and promotes digital content and provides integrated marketing strategies for products and services. Harsh's core values are integrity, innovation and growth.

 Kenneth Sanchez, SBMS intern

Kenneth Sanchez

Kenneth Sanchez is a student from Deakin University completing his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology majoring in Cyber Security. He has experience in Web Development, Graphic Design, and is building his knowledge for Cyber Security.

He’s interested in pop culture, art and basketball.

 Mandy Goh, SBMS Intern

Mandy Goh

Mandy is currently a Marketing student at RMIT University who also took Creative Advertising and Graphic Design throughout the course. Mandy loves to use her interest in creative arts and design in her marketing course work. Combining her marketing knowledge and self-learned skills in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, she was also able to help earn sales for a start-up company with her very own wall sticker design. Since then, her ultimate goal is to open a small creative business while working in the digital marketing industry.

Mandy is looking forward to further advance her skill sets through graphic design, promotional content, website design and more for small businesses in QVM.

Daniel Chong SBMS Intern

Daniel Chong

Daniel is a final year Business student specializing in Marketing at RMIT University. He has experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management and Website Designing. He also has experience with the Adobe Suite, creating content for his university sports club. 

Daniel has an interest in coding, and in his spare time enjoys playing sports and drowning himself in music.

 Isabella Kurth

 Isabella Kurth

Bella is a final year Business Marketing Student at RMIT and is a passionate, innovative and hardworking young woman, with a keenness to cultivate her leadership skills and forge her future career path in the Marketing and Communications industry. Through industry experience and extra-curricular activities, Bella has developed her skills in digital marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, PR & Promotional activities and SEO content creation, while also being a team player.

Sophie Luong

Sophie is currently completing her Master's Degree in Communication and Media Studies at Monash Uni.

Sophie is skilled in Social Media platforms, SEO optimised content creation, Social Media management.


 Rachael Hatherley

Rachael Hatherley

Rachael is in her final year studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Communication Design at Monash University. Throughout her course, she has grown a particular interest in digital marketing and branding. 

Rachael is passionate about all things social media, SEO, content creation, and design. She is enthusiastic about helping businesses explore new and exciting ways to grow through creative marketing solutions.

Indiana Stanfield

Indiana Stanfield

Indiana is in her final year of studies at RMIT, where she is currently doing a Bachelor or Business with a double major in Management and Marketing. She has worked at Woolworths for the last 4 years and is interested in the inner workings of a business, small and large.

She wishes to pursue a career in marketing, with a long-term plan of managing her own business

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