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SBMS has established relationships with a number of universities including RMIT, Chisholm, Deakin, Swinburne, Latrobe, Melbourne and SAE Institute,  in providing opportunities for students to gain professional experience and practice the skills they are studying by working directly with QVM Traders. 


Coming from a broad category of backgrounds and personal interests, our interns share one thing in common:  their love for local small business and marketing.  They’re passionate about putting their skills to good use, each ready and eager to take up the challenge and help QVM business owners.  The value they bring cannot be understated. Our Interns’ capabilities include photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, visual communications, and marketing.


Need help with any of the following? We can help for FREE

  • Digital Marketing - Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, QVM website, Citations etc.
  • Update content and product photos on website
  • Graphic Design (signage, banners, business cards etc, re-usable bag design)
  • Logo designs or refresh
  • Product Photography
  • Videos
  • Marketing Material Creation

Meet our Interns

Alisha Narula profile picture

Alisha Narulan

Alisha is currently in her final year of a Bachelor in Marketing at RMIT University.

She has had experience working in the social media industry for a few start-up businesses back in Thailand. Using her past experiences and knowledge,  Alisha is looking forward to be working with SBMS and gaining additional real-world experience before she graduates. She is a highly motivated individual who finds pleasure and comfort in working out and exploring new places.
Cybil Ybanez profile picture

Cybil Ybanez

Cybil is a student from RMIT University and is currently finalising her last year in Bachelor of Business Marketing.

She actively seeks personal and professional growth, where she can apply her experience in retail and marketing to assist small businesses of Queen Victoria Market in producing and materializing marketing strategies. Her passion has always revolved around content creation through multiple social media platforms.
Jakob Calvert-bos SBMS Intern

Jakob Calvert-Bos

Jakob is a freshly graduated student and creator having completed a 3 year Bachelor of Communication Design (Graphic Design) course at RMIT.

Jakob is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and is looking for new opportunities to continue to develop his passions and skills as he works towards the next steps in his career.

He has a fascination with all things interstellar and draws a lot of his inspiration from its structured beauty. 

Suyi Li, SBMS Intern Suyi Li

Suyi is currently in her final year of studying Bachelor of Communications (Digital Media) at Deakin University. She has a passion for digital content creation, using social media platforms to take charge in increasing and maintaining an online presence of businesses.

She has gained a range of skills in Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Canvas, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Streamlabs OBS. She is also familiar with web designing. Utilising her digital media background, she hopes to develop various online marketing opportunities for small businesses.  In the future, she hopes to manage well-known brands’ digital marketing campaigns.

 Daniel Giellin, SBMS Intern

Daniel Giellin

Daniel Giellin is in his final year of Bachelor of Business Marketing at RMIT University.

He is a very enthusiastic marketer who is eager to expand his knowledge and gain real-life experience in the industry. Understanding what makes a good website, how to drive traffic and create digital content is exactly what he wants to gain from the internship.
He's also interested in the way companies market their products, how major trends are created and how big companies use these trends to their advantage.
Daniel hopes to one day become an expert in his field, with extensive knowledge in both business and marketing and to use this knowledge to help and build small businesses like the ones at QVM.


Daniel O'Leary

Daniel enjoys learning about emerging technologies and finding ways to bring people together around common values and ideals.

He is looking to build his professional capabilities and sees this opportunity as a platform to build his marketing network, develop skills and have some fun during the process.  He has interned as a summer vacationer at Deloitte Digital, a 6-month Marketing Assistant role at Foss Pacific, and volunteered as a marketer for the Spanish and Latin student association of RMIT. He is now undertaking his final semester and wants to position himself with the best launchpad to develop his career.

 Marcus Romeo, SBMS Intern

Marcus Romeo

Marcus is a recent Communications (Media) graduate from RMIT who loves all things media.

He is a passionate multi-media creator who loves creating digital content. He has gained a range of skills such as videography, motion graphics, and photography throughout his studies and is also a keen learner, always on the lookout for continuous improvement. He hopes to use his skills to help small businesses grow and build their online presence.
Angelo Mayo, SBMS Intern

Angelo Mayo

Angelo graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Communication Design and was awarded first-class honors in Bachelor of Art (Photography) (Honours) at RMIT. Angelo has three years of industrial internship experience in the field of UI/UX design, graphic design(Layout), and photography in China. He has a diverse and competitive skill set that includes, but is not limited to photography, programming, print design, photo retouch, concept design, 3D modeling, and graphic design. He is familiar with Adobe Suite, Blender, Sketchup and has experience with digital platforms like Squarespace, with extensive knowledge of programming in Python.

Stephanie Woo

A Graduate of Bachelor of Design in Architecture from Swinburne, Stephanie recently relocated from Sydney to expand on her extensive graphic design, web and print skills.

SBMS Intern, Felicia Tedjagutomo

Felicia Tedjagutomo

Felicia is an international student from Indonesia. She is currently completing her final year of Bachelor of Arts degree at Deakin University majoring in Visual Arts and Media Studies. Her interest has always been in creative fields not limited by any platforms and media.


Caterina Rosinsky

As well as studying a Bachelor of Screen Production at Swinburne University with a minor in photo media, Caterina has had the opportunity to work on several different film and television productions as well as on a few independent short films. She currently works as a wedding videographer, which allows her to refine her videography and video editing skills, and capture some of the happiest moments of people’s lives. Caterina aims to utilise these skills in content creation to help small businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.

 Sam McMillan, SBMS Intern

Sam McMillan

Sam is currently in his final year of his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT where he loves learning about branding and marketing strategies. He also has experience studying human-centred design practices and public relations.
Sam is looking forward to expanding his skillset and working with small businesses to help their online presence.


Sachdev (Sachin) Keswani

Originally from Indonesia, Sachin has been in Melbourne for a short time and excited to finally attend on campus at University and be in Melbourne.  
Currently studying at RMIT on his way to obtaining his Bachelor of Business marketing, Sachin has some experience being the social media manager for his personal project.

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