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Learn Local ACFE

Learn Local

SBMS, in conjunction with the ACFE Board, has provided support to the Learn Local sector through a broad range of support programs:


Governance Support: The ACFE Board developed the Learn Local Committee of Management Capability Framework to support committees of management to effectively meet their governance obligations.  A number of associated resources, including a workbook and a self-assessment tool were designed to provide tailored advice to help committee of management members be successful in their oversight of the business of a Learn Local organisation.

ACFE has engaged the Small Business Mentor Service to provide training and mentoring to Learn Local Committees of Management, using the framework, workbook and self-assessment tools as resources.

 The support offered through SBMS has used a variety of delivery methodologies:

  • One to one mentoring: to the chairman, board or CEO
  • Group mentoring support to the board
  • Mentoring support to the CEO and senior management
  • Workshop/training sessions


Business Support: Learn Local Businesses have had access to a broad range of SBMS Mentors to assist with business improvement and enhancement support. Mentoring focused on Management, Marketing, Finance and Planning skills.

  • One to One Mentoring: To Chairman, Board or CEO
  • Mentoring Support to the CEO and Senior Management
  • Workshop/Training sessions
  • Financial distress support


More about Learn Local:

Every year over 100,000 Victorians choose to learn through Learn Local organisations. From Melbourne to Mildura to Mallacoota, there is a Learn Local organisation near you that offers a range of adult community education and training programs for people from all walks of life. Courses range from basic computer skills to Certificates and Diplomas in business or community services. The focus is on individual needs, tailoring programs for both the learner and businesses.

No matter what level of education or training you have had in the past, Learn Local can help. New skills can be life changing, offering job choices, further education and the chance to interact with others in your Learn Local community.

And all of this, just around the corner…

Now you just need to decide what to learn, where and how and you can start your Learn Local experience!