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Madalen Ross

Madalen Ross

Madalen is ready to assist with all QVM trader enquiries as well as provide confidential and customised business support and advice.

Madalen has diverse experience in marketing, branding, graphic and web design, with over 25 years 'hands on' experience. She runs her own Marketing, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency with a focus on Digital Marketing and has owned and operated a Virtual Assistant and an Indulgent Healing Cruise business.

She has experience across a range of digital marketing platforms which leaves her well placed to help those running all types of businesses. She can explain digital marketing and web concepts simply and understands the pressures small businesses face in keeping up with today’s fast-paced and changing global marketplace. Madalen has a relaxed style, and her advice is realistic, useful and scalable.

With a passion for small business, she understands the challenges faced.  Madalen has worked for manufacturing, wholesale, retail and professional service companies across many industries and has been mentoring businesses for 20+ years. She is able to assist with business advice on marketing strategies, branding, website design, digital marketing, social media, SEO, planning and time-management... and most other challenges your business may be experiencing. 

Madalen will also assist you in connecting you with other relevant SBMS mentors that have expertise in specialised areas such as Retail, Marketing, Stock management, Finance and Cash-flow management.

You can book with a mentor by two methods.


To book your free one-on-one confidential business mentoring session with Madalen, please call 1300 631 171 or email [email protected]

Madalen Ross, QVM Program Manager
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Through the SBMS Website. Go to the home page, click on "I want to use a Voucher", type in "QVM". This will bring up a list of all of the mentors available. You can read their profiles, see what they look like and book them directly.

There is no charge for the service.


SBMS is working with the City of Melbourne and Queen Victoria Market management to provide support for all market traders through an innovative program called Trader Connect.

Through SBMS, market traders can access many programs and opportunities for support including:

For more information about the Trader Connect program go to http://qvm.com.au/trader-support/