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SBMS Mentors deliver mentoring support to small businesses as experienced business people who wish to help small businesses become better. The support given is to provide alternate ideas, offer a sounding board and to highlight options. SBMS Mentors do not decide the direction for the business but offer support for the business to choose it's own path with consideration of obstacles and alternatives.

SBMS Mentors are covered by professional indemnity insurance as well as public liability and insurance for Mentors travelling to and from a business meeting. 

SBMS accepts no liability for the choices made by businesses that have received mentoring support from SBMS. A Mentor's role is to provide options and not to make decisions. The business owner's role is to take note of the options available, assess the risk and value in each option and for them alone, to make the decision as to the direction of their business. 

All discussions held with the business operator are in private and confidential, however records of the business meetings are held by SBMS and the Victorian State Government.