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SBMS Ambassadors

SBMS Ambassadors are proven supporters of the small business sector. Their contribution to small business reflects a passion to help businesses to develop to their full potential.

 Michael Schaper

Dr Michael Schaper

Chairman Black Economy Advisory Board. Board Member University of Canberra, Former President SEAANZ

Board chair, CEO, regulator, small business and economic development specialist across a range of industries, government, associations and research bodies, both in Australia and internationally


David Mann

David Mann AM

3AW "Mann about Town", Former Member of the Small Business Ministerial Advisory Council, MC and Presenter, Chair of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Council, Entertainment Assist.

"I meet hundreds of small business owners every year. What they tell me they need, is real advice from people that have experienced running a business. The Mentors at SBMS have that experience and they actually care about the businesses they mentor. Nothing beats experience and the SBMS Mentors have that in spades!"


Judy O'Connell

Judy O'Connell

Former Victorian Small Business Commissioner 

"We want small businesses to thrive and to do this they need to understand their regulatory obligations, keep good records, and manage their cash flow’  I am looking forward to working with SBMS to help small businesses to flourish."

For mediation and dispute resolution go to www.vsbc.vic.gov.au


Mark Brennan

Mark Brennan

Inaugural Victorian Small Business Commissioner, Inaugural Federal Small Business Commissioner, Inaugural Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

SBMS Chairman since 2019

"Small businesses need all the help they can get, but they don't need it from umpires that have never played the game. SBMS Mentors have run their own successful businesses and as a result can offer insights from real life experiences that helped them to succeed in business and can help you to do the same."





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