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About Our Mentors

SBMS has approximately 130 Mentors, both male and female. They are experienced at the problems of running small to medium businesses and are passionate to help. When you book with SBMS, you will be able to view the background of relevant Mentors and select who you think would be most appropriate for your business needs. Swapping between Mentors is encouraged as and when the need arises, for example to gain some specialist advice.


Mentors Experience

SBMS Mentors comprise a wide variety of successful business persons, many recently retired, who have experience in small business, either from running their own or working in an organisation with strong links to small business. Mentors enjoy helping small businesses to overcome hurdles, develop and prosper and they gain personal satisfaction and pleasure at “putting something back into business” which is why they give their time voluntarily.


Choosing a Mentor

You can choose a mentor directly, if you know the name of a recommended Mentor. Alternately you can choose based on the skills or industry sector that best applies to your business. Each Mentor has a brief description of their background, C.V. and expertise. The website has a number of inbuilt search engines and tools to help you make a relevant Mentor selection.


Metropolitan and Regional

SBMS Mentors are usually retired or semiretired. As Volunteers they offer their assistance at low subsidised rates and seek to help you to make your business better. In most instances the Mentor will come to you. If you live outside of a mentors listed area ( Mentors show their work areas under their Profile), Mentors will be happy to meet you at an agreed location. If you are a regional client seeking a metropolitan mentor (or the reverse), you can still choose any mentor if you are prepared to travel to meet at an agreed location. In general if a Mentor is selected that does not travel to your region we will endeavour to try to find a more local mentor.