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Building Long-Term Value

Unlock the power of personalised mentoring tailored to your unique business challenges. Explore areas pivotal to your growth, and discover tools, techniques, and insights to drive your business forward.


Why Choose the SBMS Masterclass Series?

  • Targeted Guidance: Each program is designed to focus on specific challenges you face at different business development stages.
  • Personalised 1:1 Mentoring: Get in-depth, individualised feedback and insights from experienced business mentors.
  • Future-Ready: Ensure your business doesn’t just survive but thrives and is sustainable into the future.

Building Long-term Value program

Session 1. Building a Resilient Business Model

  • Sturdy Foundations: Design a business model prepared for changing markets.
  • Navigating Trends: Stay informed and adaptable to evolving business trends.

Session 2. Enhancing Business Valuation

• Strategies for Growth: Uncover methods to boost your business's net worth based on its current strengths.

Session 3. Culture of Innovation

• Cultivating Innovation: Introduce a culture that values fresh perspectives and new ideas.

• Turning Ideas into Assets: Harness innovation to create tangible enhancements for your business.

Session 4. Strategic Investment

Smart Choices: Aligning effective capital allocation with long-term business goals to build value.

• Investing Wisely: Pinpoint investments that offer steady, long-term returns.

Session 5. Leading for Tomorrow

Visionary Thinking: Establish a forward-focused company ethos.

Sustainable Growth: Promote strategies that support long-term business health.

Session 6. Succession Planning and Leadership Development

• Planning for Transition: Understand the keys to a smooth leadership change.

• Guiding Future Leaders: Prepare the next generation to confidently step into leadership roles.


Take the Next Step Towards Achieving Lasting Success.

 Book 6 x 1:1 intensive 2-hour online mentoring sessions with an experienced business mentor. Can also be delivered in-person, subject to mentor availability in your area.

Package cost: $1195 (incl. GST)

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