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About SBMS

SBMS Experienced Business Mentors are part of the Small Business Mentoring Service. SBMS is an incorporated not-for-profit association that started its journey in 1986 with just 14 members. Today there are over 150 Mentors across Australia who have the skills and experience to help small businesses.


Denise Hall, Chairman

Grant Snowden | Chair and Interim Chief Executive Officer

BCom, MBA, CA.(SA)


Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) Inc

Our Mentors have diverse and interesting backgrounds and have either owned their own small business or worked in an organisation that has had strong links to small business. They are extremely passionate about the role that small business plays in the economy and carry out their Mentoring work on a voluntary basis.  They acknowledge that it can be difficult, lonely and at times financially worrying running a small business.


Our Mission Statement:

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Our mission is to support SMEs to maximise their full potential.


Our Vision Statement:

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To provide assistance for development, growth, increased profitability and employment to the small business community, by providing affordable and ongoing mentoring.



Do we research our mentoring activity?

From time to time, we ask our clients to complete a confidential survey on the mentoring that has taken place with them. This might be by email, mail or by telephone. We do this to ensure that we are always improving our programs, our mentoring performance and our client’s expectations. You can see the results of our latest survey on the Testimonials page.


Do we keep data records? 

Yes, we record our mentoring activity in a numerical database so that we are able to analyse our mentoring work. Your booking and session details are held on our database but are subject to the provisions of our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy which appears at the bottom of each screen.


Who runs SBMS Inc.? 

The organisation is strategically managed by a Board drawn from the volunteer members, headed up by our Chair. Our CEO manages the day-to-day activities and develops our mentoring activities.


Is SBMS a Government department? 

No, the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) is an independent, not-for-profit Association.


How long have the SBMS Experienced Business Mentors been operating? 

The organisation started in 1986 with a few like-minded retired businessmen offering services to help small businesses. Over the years we have grown so that we now have around 130 Mentors, who volunteer their time to help small business owners to address issues and to grow their businesses.

Upcoming Events & Clinics

iHarvest Coworking - Lunch & Learn - Marketing

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
Lunch & Learn Group Mentoring Session $10.00 (inc GST)
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iHarvest Coworking - Mentor in Residence - 1:1 Session (EVO09KTY2391)

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
1:1 Mentoring Session $33.00 (Inc GST)
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Wellington Small Business Clinic - SALE OFFICE (WEO10MCK2352)

Thursday, 20 Jun 2024
FREE - Small Business Mentoring for the Wellington Shire Council Businesses. The program will assist in providing General Business advice, discussion topics anywhere from Planning, Starting or wanting to Grow your Business.
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South Gippsland Small Business Clinic - Evening (SGPV15MCU2395)

Thursday, 20 Jun 2024
Small Business Clinic Program for South Gippsland Shire Businesses Whether you're planning, starting or growing your business, reviewing financial viability looking at cash flow, business recovery or reactivation our SBMS mentoring sessions will provide the guidance necessary to assist.
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