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Cost of Mentoring

Special pricing available for returning clients until 31 December 2023. Email [email protected] for details.
Is mentoring expensive?
No, it’s excellent value for money particularly compared to professional consultancy services. Depending on the number of sessions you have it is between $115 and $145 per session. We recommend 3 - 4 sessions with each session lasting around 1-1½ hours. As SBMS Mentors are volunteers they do not get paid for their mentoring which is how SBMS can offer a low cost mentoring service.

Mentoring is a process that requires the Mentor and the business owner to delve into the core of the business and to work together to develop a Plan of Action that will guide the business forward.  This process can take a while which is the reason we recommend an optimal 4 sessions.  Sessions usually run for between 1- 1½ hours.

Whilst we offer 1, or 2 session programs, our experience is that 4 sessions are truly the best for mentoring and change to be really effective.

1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


4 Sessions (recommended)


Additional sessions/returning businesses

$80 per session

*Special pricing available for returning businesses/clients until
  31 December 2023. Email [email protected] for details.


I live in regional Victoria. Can I still see a Mentor?
We travel to where you are, anywhere in Victoria. The Small Business Mentoring Service has assisted many businesses in regional Victoria. We have some Mentors located in regional centres and are best found by entering a location in the search criteria when selecting a Mentor. If you have any queries about Regional Mentors, please contact SBMS via [email protected].
My business is outside of Victoria, can SBMS help me?
Sorry but our Victorian Mentors are unable to help you unless you are prepared to travel to Victoria. We are limited by our professional indemnity insurance. If you are in a town on or near the border please call your nearest Victorian Government Business Offices (VGBO). Their phone number can be located via our Contact Us page.
You can also select a State from those listed in the 'select your State' box at the top of our Home page to find any Mentors working in States other than Victoria.
How far will the Mentor travel to see me?
This depends on the Mentor. All Mentors will travel up to 50 kilometres return from their location. When you are selecting a Mentor their location is shown and how far they are prepared to travel. Some times it might be helpful to meet with your Mentor halfway or at a mutually agreed location if your business requires a considerable distance for the Mentor. Remember the Mentor is a volunteer and travel may be difficult.
I have a voucher from a Workshop or Seminar that I attended, entitling me to a free mentoring session(s).  How do I arrange this?
On the home page you can click on the 'Book with a Voucher' tab and follow the prompts. After entering the code from your voucher, you will be taken through to the Mentor Directory page where you can select your Mentor.
NOTE - some vouchers require a co-payment and this will be shown during the booking process as will access to the payment gateway if required.
Can I claim the mentoring sessions back on my tax?
Possibly. A Tax Invoice will be available form your client log-in page but you will need to determine your individual tax treatment with your Accountant.
If I have paid to see a Mentor and then decide not to proceed how do I get a refund?
On the email you receive confirming the mentoring booking will be the telephone number to call to organise the refund. You will be asked to supply your business name or client name and a credit will be immediately made.
How do I pay for the mentoring?
The online booking system allows you to pay by credit card, which is the preferred method because it can be processed more quickly. Alternatives, that take longer, include cheque and direct bank deposit. Payment is required at the start of your booking because Mentors do not get involved in payments for sessions.
Is GST included in the mentoring program pricing?
All the prices quoted for the mentoring programs include GST.
How do I get a refund to reduce sessions?
If for any reason, you are unable or do not wish, to complete the mentoring sessions that you have paid for, contact SBMS on [email protected]
Please Note: All purchased multiple Sessions must be used within 12 months from the date of the last session or within a total of two years from initial purchase. Single sessions must be taken up within 3 months of purchase.
Sessions relating to the Small Business Bus or Small Business Clinics are only available for use by the registering person on the day they are scheduled.

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