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REVIVE Wellness and Beauty

This business is a beauty             

Making others feel better has been Tanya Bonnici’s business for 20 years. Thanks partly to the Small Business Mentoring Service, she is well placed to continue for another 20.

Tanya runs REVIVE Wellness and Beauty, which sells beauty, massage, natural therapies and skin care services. She uses 100 per cent organic personal care products.

Tanya had managed beauty businesses and worked in salons as a beauty therapist before starting her own business in July 2010. Her clients are mainly from Taylors Hill and the surrounding area.

REVIVE Wellness and Beauty is known for its professional grade services and products, as well as Tanya’s personal and holistic approach. While she was extremely experienced in the industry, Tanya wanted to increase her client base so that she could make the most of her skills and experience.

Revive Wellness & Beauty 

REVIVE Wellness & Beauty is a clinic offering holistic beauty, massage and natural chemical free therapies for men and women that are safe, non-invasive and innovative.

Tanya trained in Europe’s best beauty colleges and worked in various spas in the Mediterranean. Back in Melbourne she completed a post graduate diploma at the International Dermal Institute.

“Working in the wellness industry was always my passion and I have a natural disposition to care and help clients with their skin and healing problems,” she says.

“All services are conducted in a clean and nicely decorated private room with relaxing natural hues that sets you immediately into relaxed mode.”

Tanya had a lot going for her but felt she could use some help from an objective expert to take her business to the next level. She discovered SBMS through emails from Melton City Council and Small Business Victoria offering free mentoring sessions. She was matched with mentor Madalen Ross.

SBMS is a non-government non-profit organisation of volunteer expert mentors who give their time and experience to help small business. It is supported by Small Business Victoria, which refers clients to it.

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Madalen has run several businesses, Image Identity, Your Executive Secretarial Services and more recently Indulgence Afloat. She has extensive experience in small business, marketing and office administration.

Tanya had one session with Madalen and covered a range of ways to boost her client numbers. They went through Tanya’s marketing materials and Madalen suggested she be consistent with her branding on her website and all collateral material.  

Although very attractive, the website needed more content for each product/service offered. Coupons like Spreets and Cudo were also forcing Tanya to drop her prices, so Madalen suggested she package 2-3 services to allow for higher pricing.

Madalen then suggested Tanya research health food stores, gyms and medical centres where she may be able to hire a room one day per week. She should also send out a newsletter to existing clients so they didn’t forget her.

Together they came up with a plan, which involved:

  • Packaging services
  • Redesigning the flyer
  • Listing, then approaching possible outlets for room hire
  • A brief survey of customers and potential customers to gain an understanding of their needs.

 Revive Wellness & Beauty 

Tanya said she got a lot out of the session. It was also reassuring to know she was already doing many things right.

“The session was very helpful as she could assess what I was doing already and gave me more ideas plus suggestions as to how I can improve,” Tanya says.

“Some of the ideas I had already thought of but discussing them with an expert is always better. At that stage I was happy as I knew that I was on the right track.”

It is too soon to say if the session has increased Tanya’s client base or inquiries. But she is working on Madalen’s ideas and is confident they will help.

“With Madalen's help, now I feel more assertive and know that I can do more to establish my business,” she says.

Madalen says Tanya got a great deal out of the session and had the potential to really take that next step.

“Tanya is more focused and keen to follow the suggestions and take action,” she says. “Meeting with a mentor has given her peace of mind knowing what action needs to be taken – and how to get there.”

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