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Sam Mendelson

Armed with little more than instinct and a garage, Sam built an industry leading, multisite brand from the ground up. Like many small business operators, working long hours with zero financial buffer, necessity drove him to become a hands-on business allrounder- developing particular expertise in leadership, recruitment, marketing, customer service and brand building.

Sam is an excellent listener who approaches problems in straightforward, collaborative and creative manner. Having struggled through all of them himself, Sam understands the mountain of stressors small business operators face and is passionate about using his lived them thrive.


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Spoken Languages:

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne North-

Locations by request:

  • Melbourne CBD-
  • Melbourne East-
  • Melbourne North-
  • Melbourne North West-
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Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria)

Current Occupation:

Detailed CV:


Kip Happy Stays | Sep 2020 - Aug 2022

-Led a diverse team of 130 + people across 4 states in generally low paid, high stress environments.

-Helped establish Kip as Australia’s market leading Pet Service brand. Rebranding 10 brownfield sites and 4 greenfield sites.

-Created a highly profitable, sustainable and replicable day-care business model (where previous approaches had failed.) Reduced labour costs, increased staff satisfaction levels and lowered turnover.

-Increased in-store standards and customer satisfaction across the board, measured by Google Reviews, new customer acquisition numbers and retention levels.

-Drove the establishment of a robust company culture by spearheading various initiatives including; creating viable leadership pathways to promote within and establishing robust internal communications channels.

Ka-Pooch! (now Kip) | 2009 - Jan 2020

-Created a cherished, market leading brand from scratch with no prior experience on a 40k budget. Grew to three locations with an annual turnover of $2 million and 25 + headcount.

-Successfully anticipated and capitalised on the growth of the pet care sector and sold the business during the pandemic.

-Spearheaded the professionalisation of what was originally a cottage industry  

-Built a meaningful business people were proud to work for, seldom left and continue to grow within.