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Peter Boyce

Strategy development for ambitious owners who commit to getting results. High value growth strategies; business opportunity evaluation; Entrepreneurship, teamwork and time. Notable Major experiences of the clients we seek out to help are:
Built Services services system for a 3000 store location.
Created a 100+ location franchise network.
Developed dominant market share in coconut oil
Double Whitsunday Island fleet sales in 1 year
Bought fledgling AI business screening early stage ventures and developed further


  • Finance-
  • Marketing-
  • Management-
  • HR-
  • Planning-
  • Web & Online Marketing-


  • Education and training-
  • Franchising-
  • Professional, scientific and technical services-
  • Wholesale trade-
  • Retail trade-
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Industry-

Spoken Languages:

  • English-

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne West-
  • Melbourne North-
  • Melbourne North West-

Locations by request:

  • Melbourne East-
  • Geelong-
  • Central VIC-

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Property investment management for a private portfolio. Mentoring 20+ (y.o) entrepreneurs taking innovation to market for more than 140 businesses over the past 4 years.

Detailed CV:


Job History   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY   Summary Duties & Education


1986 – 2003      Founder of TMG strategy consultants
Built from kitchen table to:
   >250 EFT personnel nationally and, a national marketing services business including Australia’s largest field marketing company,
  mystery shopping, advertising and local, 1 to 1, (micromarketing & social media) company and a management consulting firm billing $3.5M per annum,
  7 business divisions established over 15 years

   > 20% pa growth for 15 consecutive years

   > 1200 field personnel
   > 12 direct reports.

2003 -2020

  • Semi retired
  • Investment management
  • Special retained clients


  • DuPont’s entire Australian field force (Lycra, Stainmaster and Corian);
    Umbro Soccer Kit into Australia
  • Telstra (5 businesses data integrated, live, fully functional under 12 weeks
  • Optus > 100 Retail Franchise Stores
  • Virgin Mobile in Australia
  • Colonial State Bank   Shell Retail   Convenience Store Banking

 Significant Projects

             1987-1989        Accepted a 0.5 tenured teaching position in the Bachelor of Business Program at Swinburne University

1994-1996         Pitched an unsolicited proposal to Optus to restructure its dealer network to create a national franchise; approved inside
2 months for 100 franchisees and completed the job inside 18 months.
Whilst leading TMG as CEO, I also led my Optus Franchise project team of 8 to on time, on target performance.

1996-1997         Led an unsolicited proposal to Compaq (now part of HP) to create a dealer network to out-grow Dell in Market Share (at the time Dell was destroying Compaq PC market share growth).

1997-2001         Led TMG’s tender response to Telstra RFT to create retail network services team; contract value over $10M  pa. and 4 years of KPI achievement.   Included leading a team to integrating, via software, 5 business services to act as one in fewer than 4 months (outstanding technology in 1996).  Included attracting 1st class executive team.

2001 - 2003        Created Virgin Mobile Stores in Australia and ran them (via direct report) entirely for 18 months before handing back to Virgin Mobile on pre-agreed terms.

(TMG business sold and Virgin Mobile and Virgin brought management, “in house”.

2001 – 2003       Accepted a 0.33 non-tenured teaching position in the MBA Program at Swinburne University in the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship

2003 – 2005       Managing Director of go-Whitsundays Yacht Charters; Doubled revenues in 18 months adding a 3rd 55ft yacht to the fleet
Built robust revenue contracts with suppliers to underpin stronger cash flow

2005 – 2007       Co-Founder of Wellness Inside (principally food oils)
Created capital raising business plan, secured distribution agreements, supervised complete financial audit, found & corrected anomalies
Found investors, Raised AUD$6M in capital – sufficient to secure control of up to 75% of the world’s coconut oil supply
Raised capital funds disappeared, court cases ensued; my first and last experience of what I believe to be embezzlement

2008 – 2015       Part-time focused on property development

TMG strategy consultants shifted focus to consulting only and to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) with occasional multi-national gig allocating a notional 40% of time consulting.  Examples include:

2015 – 2016       NSW SES – Facilitating strategic responses to emerging changes (invited back twice).  Extensive use of “process consulting” and “extreme facilitation” techniques required

Listed SE Asian Property Developer

“Scenario planning” technique applied to regional and national strategy development for major, Singapore listed, property development company.  The result underpinned land banking, target marketing and use of technology decisions in solutions to advance company to industry leadership.

JMA Johnson Matthey Australia.

Division of UK parent for whom I led annual strategic planning for several years applying Porter, McKinsey, Mintzberg, BCG and other mostly “content” techniques for this very data rationally driven company.

2015 – 2019       Invested in the re-development of Australia’s #1 and the world’s first “crowd sourced equity funding” (CSEF) platform (ASSOB).  Australia was deregulating, enabling the sale of equities to retail (consumer) investors on a more “buyer beware” basis as had the UK, USA and other major markets. (Early industry example  : Pebble Watch)  The intention was to make “crowd funding” populist, attracting millions of investors to entrepreneurship, innovation and the funding of tech powered SMEs of the future. Invested as follows:

2015 – 2023

 Co-founded IMENCA (Improving Entrepreneurial Capacity)

2. Secured a major (75%) for $75in novel IP underpinning superior evaluation of and insight into early stage business opportunities (efficacy grounded in world class, longitudinal, statistically validated research already converted to a software application suitable for academic teaching but readily adapted to

 I took back economic control if the IP for a relaunch in 2024 



1985                  Graduated Chisholm University
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)


1986 -2000        Short Courses in software packages, project management, AICD, presentation skills, financial literacy at Board Level, Sales techniques


2001                  Masters Degree in Business at Swinburne
Completed 1st year and invited into Doctoral (DBA) Program



2002 - 2003        DBA by course work suspended end 2002 for family reasons
and go-Whitsunday’s business required full attention

Disclaimer:  Some of the dates may be slightly inaccurate.  As the owner of businesses for virtually my entire career I have never needed a resume and have not kept one. 



  • Certificate of Management (Monash)
  • B. Bus. (Marketing)
  • Numerous micro-courses for specific projects
  • Numerous micro-courses for specific projects

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