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Robyn Davis

Business Plans - understanding content, preparing/reviewing/updating content including financial modeling.
Operational Plans
Business skills - soft skills (leadership, communication, change management, ethical awareness, self-confidence, critical thinking, creativity, decision making, emotional intelligence, collaboration/teamwork, dealing with difficult personalities.


  • Planning-
  • Governance-


  • Education and training-
  • Public administration inc. Government relationships-
  • Administrative and support services-

Spoken Languages:

  • English-

State: New South Wales

Primary Locations:

  • North Coast and Mid North Coast-
  • Illawarra and South East NSW-

Locations by request:

  • Hunter and Central Coast-
  • (Travel to clients within this region will be dependent on conducting a number of sessions during the same day/s. )

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (New South Wales) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Vocational Education Teacher - Business and Training/Evaluation Training Design and Developer Army Officer - Education Corps (Training design, development, delivery and compliance) Career development planning and career transition services and support.

Detailed CV:


Career Achievements

    Company Director – Customised Tuition Pty Ltd

    Officer Commanding – Army Compliance and Assurance Agency Southern Region

    Business Mentor – New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) – Federal Government

    Reintegration Consultant – Centacare Employment Group

    Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) TAFE Teacher

    LLN Trainer – QLD Correctional Centres

    Workplace Trainer – BSB07 (Cert I-III Business) and ITC05 (Cert I and II IT)

    Training Supervisor (Army)

    Qualified Training Assessor

    LLN Instructor – Royal Military College Duntroon

    Commissioned Officer – Australian Army Captain (Royal Australian Army Educational Corps)

    Soldier’s Medallion for Exemplary Service - 2003

    Service in the Australian Army 38 years (1982 - Current)



.     Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training (Adult Education) – Charles Sturt University 2003

.     Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice (CEAV) – currently studying

.     Diploma in Leadership and Management (2022)

.     Diploma of Auditing and Quality Management Systems (2017)

.     Certificate IV Training Assessment and Evaluation (TAE)

.     Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAA)

.     Certificate IV in Intelligence Operations

.     Certificate IV in Government - Statutory Compliance (2016)

.     Certificate IV in Government – Security (2016)

.     Certificate III in Government (PSPPROC303A-Carry out basic procurement)

.     Training Supervisor (Army) TAA – (2007)

.     Qualified Assessor (Army) TAA (2006)

.     Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (2005)

.     Certificate III Frontline Management

.     Certificate III in Public Administration

.     Certificate III Personnel Administration

.     Certificate in Farm Technology – TAFE NSW (1986)

.     Year 12 HSC Port Macquarie (1985)


 Key Competencies – Business, Compliance, Education, Training and Assessment

    Initiate a Quality Audit - BSBAUD501

    Lead a Quality Audit - BSBAUD503

    Report on a Quality Audit – BSBAUD504

    Participate in a Quality Audit – BSBAUD402

    Identify and interpret compliance requirements – BSBCOM501

    Lead and manage team effectiveness – BSBCOM501

    Manage operational plan – BSBMGT517

    Evaluate and review compliance – BSBCOM502

    Uphold and support the values and principles of public service – PSPETHC401A

    Deliver and monitor service to customers – PSPGOV402B

    Value diversity – PSPGOV408A

    Use advanced workplace communication strategies – PSPGOV412A

    Apply government processes – PSPGOV422A

    Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector – PSPLEGN401A

    Support policy implementation – PSPPOL404A

    Exercise regulatory powers – PSPREG401C

    Assess compliance – PSPREG403B

    Use Training Packages to Meet Client Needs – TAEDES401A

    Design and Develop Learning Programs – TAEDES402A

    Plan and Organise Group Based Delivery – TAEDEL401A

    Facilitate Individual Learning – TAEDEL403A

    Facilitate Work Based Learning

    Plan and Organise Assessment - TAEDEL404A

    Assess Competence – TAEASS402

    Develop Assessment Tools – TAEASS403A

    Participate in Assessment Validation – TAEASS404A

    Provide Training Through Instruction and Demonstration of Work Skills –TAEDEL301A


Employment History

2000 – Current employment

Company Director – Customised Tuition Pty Ltd

.     Résumé preparation

.     Selection Criteria preparation

.     Individual coaching:

      - interview techniques, effective communication (written and verbal), language, literacy and numeracy

      - career transition (military to civilian)

.     Preparation and delivery of individual and/or group training

.     Small Business Mentor

-     Small Group Trainer – Basic computer, business and LLN skills for all ages and demographics

-     Conduct Cert IV TAA (now TAE) courses

.     Career Development & Transition Plans - preparation and implementation


Current – Defence Force Role

Training Systems Design and Development – Melbourne University Regiment

.     Training Needs Analysis

.            Training and Assessment design, development and validation

.     Developing electronic learning products and systems

.     Training Army Instructors – use of blended learning strategies and e-learning tools

.     Providing advice to senior management on education and skills/competency requirements


May 19 – July 20; February – October 22

Cert IV TAE Trainer – Melbourne Polytechnic/Box Hill TAFE (Casual then Fixed Term Contract)

.    Deliver face to face, and remote training in for relevant units of competence (x3 campuses)

.    Deliver and Assess Training - International Student Groups (China)

.    Assess candidate competence – on-line assessments and lesson delivery

.    Record keeping – results and attendances

.    Liaison with, and individual training support to students, on an as required basis.

.    Participation in validation activities required of the qualification


2018 – 2019

Mumgu-Dhal, Business & Work Ready Programs – Corrections Victoria

.    Design, develop and deliver individual and group training for prisons (MRC and DPFC)

.    Conduct Assessments – accredited courses (BSB and FSK)

.    Contribute to the design, development and delivery of training and assessments

.    Administrative compliance – maintain attendance and assessment results records


2017 – 2018

NEIS Trainer and Mentor – Konekt Employment

.     Assess applicants to determine participants’ suitability for the program

.     Delivery of Cert IV in Small Business Management or Cert III in Micro Business Operations

.     Assist participants to develop a detailed business plan to Government and Mission Providence standards

.     Provide personalised coaching, motivation and guidance to participants

.     Facilitate the NEIS program in accordance with accreditation standards and contractual obligations

.     Conduct a 12 month business mentoring program to support participants business progress

.     Implement marketing strategies to engage with potential participants eligible for the NEIS program

.     Prepare progress reports outlining details of the development of the training programs


2017 - Senior Coordinator – Community Projects

Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR) – Planning, Service and Integration (PSI)

.     Monitor, support and assist community project stakeholders with contract compliance

.     Establish and maintain networks with community service providers and stakeholders

.     Analyse project performance statistics

.     Represent DJR PSI at Community Service Forums

.     Conduct research, and prepare publications associated with crime prevention & community safety


2015 – 2017

Army Compliance and Assurance Agency (ACAA) – Officer Commanding/Regional Manager

.   Command, control, reporting requirements and management of ACAA-Southern Region

.   Daily management of personnel posted to ACAA-Southern Region

.   Coordination of Team Member involvement in Compliance Activities (Audits)

.   Control of expenditure – authorisation, acquittals and maintenance of commitment registers

.   Participate in Conduct Compliance and Assurance Activities (Audits) of Army Units

.   Perform the Team Leader role in Pay, Personnel and Unit Administration Audits

.   Perform the Team Member role in Workplace Safety and Security Audits


2013 - 2016 (Under ABN)

NEIS Trainer and Mentor – Business Success Group

.  Deliver online and face to face training associated with Cert III Micro Business

.  Provide Mentoring support and guidance to NEIS participants


2011 – 2012

Reintegration Consultant – Centacare Employment Group

.   Identify, establish contact and repour with incarcerated women, or those at risk

.   Conduct initial interviews to determine individual circumstances, barriers and needs

.   Assess LLN and vocational education needs

.   Design, develop and deliver training workshops that address client needs

.   Design, develop and facilitate LLN and Vocational Education programs for individual clients

.   Provide professional advice to Centacare staff on client learning disabilities and teaching strategies


2009 – 2014

Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy – BSIL/CEA (Contactor for Queensland Corrective Services)

.   Conduct LLNP Assessments for prisoners

.   Design, develop and deliver contextualised LLN programs for individual prisoners

.   Conduct ongoing LLN assessments

.   Provide professional advice to QCS staff on client learning disabilities and teaching strategies


2008 – 2009 & 2014

Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) TAFE Teacher – Beaudesert

.   Conduct LLNP Assessments for referred clients

.   Design, develop and deliver individual LLN programs for TAFE students

.   Conduct ongoing LLN assessments 


2003 – Current employment

Army Commissioned Officer (Captain) – Royal Australian Army Educational Corps

Training Needs Analysis and Training Continuum Development – Australian Army Cadets     2020

Training Support and Development – Melbourne University Regiment       2020 - Current

Training Systems Design and Development – Combined Arms Training Centre        2019

Professionalisation Manager – Capability & Sustainment Group (Defence Force)     2018

Unit Welfare Officer – Defence Force School of Signals         2017

Regional Education Officer – Instructor & project work in Education Compliance       2017

Officer Commanding&Regional Manager Army Compliance &Assurance Agency (South)        2016

Compliance and Assurance Officer – Safety, Security & Personnel Admin(Army Reserve)      2015

Adjutant and Unit Welfare Officer 9th Battalion Royal Qld Regiment (Army Reserve)          2010–2014

SO3 Education Training and Development – Victoria Barracks Brisbane (Army Reserve)   2008–2010

RTO Compliance Staff Officer – HQ Land Warfare Centre Canungra                                   2007

Instructor – Warrant Officer/Non-Commissioned Officer Promotion Wing – Canungra          2006  

Instructor Cert IV TAA (Training and Assessment) – Army                                                     2006–2008

Language, Literacy, Numeracy Instructor – Royal Military College – Duntroon                     2003–2005


Professional Development

        Corrections Victoria Induction(s) – MRC, DPFC and Dhurringile

        CASG Induction Course (2018)

        ADF Annual Equity and Diversity Training (2000-2022)

        ADF Annual Ethics and Fraud Awareness (2000 -2022)

        Annual Australian Defence Organisation OH&S Awareness Training (2000-2022)

        Army Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training (2000-2022)

        ADO Security Awareness (2000-2022)

        ADF Suicide Awareness (2000-2022)

        Equity and Diversity Advisor (2020)


Personal Attributes

.     Passionate about teaching and assisting adults with their learning needs and journeys

.     Dedicated

.     Problem solver

.     Tolerant

.     Innovative

.     Highly organised



    Volunteer work – mentoring refugees & migrants setting up and operating small businesses

    Spending time with my dogs – play and walks

    Property renovation



    Military history



Details to be provided upon request


  • . Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training (Adult Education) – Charles Sturt University
  • Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Diploma of Auditing and Quality Management Systems
  • Certificate IV Training Assessment and Evaluation (TAE)
  • Certificate IV in Intelligence Operations
  • Certificate IV in Government - Statutory Compliance
  • Certificate IV in Government – Security