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Ali Karami

Dr. Ali Karami's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to unwavering tenacity and a profound commitment to meaningful impact. Upon arriving in Australia in 2017, armed with a Ph.D., he transitioned seamlessly from academia to entrepreneurship, demonstrating remarkable resilience in the face of starting anew with minimal resources. Dr. Karami immersed himself in crafting herbal tonics, showcasing his dedication and adaptability. The path wasn't without challenges; Melbourne's stringent COVID-19 lockdowns posed a formidable obstacle. Undeterred, he navigated these challenges, continuing production and securing vital retail agreements. Today, nudeherbs Tonics thrive on over 400 shelves, a testament to Dr. Karami's unwavering professionalism and vision to empower individuals globally to enhance their well-being naturally.


  • Sales-
  • Marketing-
  • Management-


  • Manufacturing-
  • Retail trade-
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and rural-
  • Professional, scientific and technical services-

Spoken Languages:

  • English-
  • Farsi-

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne CBD-
  • Melbourne North West-
  • Melbourne North-
  • Melbourne East-
  • Melbourne South East-

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Founder and Director - nudeherbs Pty. Ltd. Startup Mentor - alikaramiv.com

Detailed CV:

Startup Mentor


2018 - Present

Assisting startups with the below areas:

- Personal development

- Idea Development & Proof of Concept

- Competitor Analysis

- Branding & Marketing

- Planning & Setting Milestones

- Execution


Founder and Director

nudeherbs Pty. Ltd.

2017 - Present

-     Formulating functional beverages using natural ingredients including herbs, flowers, natural preservatives, sweeteners, flavours and colours

-     Optimizing ingredients and formulations (Troubleshooting product/process issues)

-     Running comprehensive sensory evaluations, quality and safety control assessment and shelf life of the newly developed products

-     Finding major suppliers for raw materials, manufacturing and machinery systems

-     Growing edible flowers and medicinal herbs

-     Identifying the main competitors in Australia and International market

-     Creating and executing sales campaigns, managing sales teams of between 2 and 5

-     Making rational business decisions in good faith and in the best interests of the company, determining and implementing policies

-     Maintaining correct, up-to-date financial records that record and explain transactions and the company’s financial position


Founder and Director

Toxemerge Pty. Ltd.

2015 - 2018

- Developed new protocols to identify the presence of plastic contaminants in different food samples

- Analysed food samples for the presence of plastic particles

- Produced microplastic polymer standards




Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Coordinator

    University Putra Malaysia

    2012 - 2017

-  Developed ideas, wrote research proposals, and applied for funding

-  Regularly prepared reports and presented to the fund providers

-  Studied the presence and impacts of environmental factors on the quality of foods

-  Supervised and mentored teams of undergraduate and postgraduate students and laboratory staffs

-  Wrote research papers and patent applications

-  Coordinated multi-national research teams

-  Advertised for new vacancies, interviewed candidates, and recruited new staffs

-  Organized conferences, seminars, and workshops

-  Created teaching modules

-  Taught courses


Owner and Sales Manager

Tethys Pet shop

2006 - 2007

-     Achieved growth and hit sales targets by successfully managing the sales team

-     Designed and implemented strategic sales plans that expand the company’s customer base and ensured its strong presence

-     Managed recruiting, set objectives, coached and monitored the performance of sales representatives


Sales Manager


  2002 - 2005

-   Designed and installed custom made aquariums for houses and shops

-   Managed a sales team of between 3 and 6

-   Evaluated customers skills, needs and built productive long-lasting relationships

-   Met personal and team sales targets