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Glenn Tanner

Purchasing/Stock Control/Staffing/Sales


  • Management-


  • Retail trade-

Spoken Languages:

  • English-

State: Tasmania

Primary Locations:

  • South East Tasmania-

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Tasmania) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Retired on 30/6/20, after 58 years in the workforce, including 3 successful businesses over 35 years.

Detailed CV:

1962: Started my employment at Australian Taxation Office.

1968: Transferred to Civil Aviation for a 2 year course to become an Air Traffic Controller. Once qualified I worked at Essendon, Melbourne and Hobart airports.

1976 :  Purchased Seven Mile Beach general store and operated this for 5 years. A 7 days a week business with a young family. My first business - made mistakes but learnt plenty by doing so.

1981: Back to the Tax Office to get my breath back.  In 1984 I transferred to Commonwealth Dept. of Treasury, looking  after Aussie Bonds at the time.

1986: Purchased my first stationery/office supplies business ( Southern Office Supplies). Increased turnover 14 fold in 9 years and sold to Business World in 1995. This then became part of Corporate Express/Staples and now Winc.

1995-1996: Worked under contract for 1 year as Furniture Manager for Business World as part of the contract of sale.

1997 - 1999: Managed the Hobart office of Automatic Music Company. This business supplied and maintained video games, juke boxes and pool tables to various businesses and clubs around Tasmania.

1999-2020: Started my second stationery/office supplies business completely from scratch. Started out as Essential Office Supplies and later joined a national buying group and changed the name to Office National Hobart. Officeworks had recently opened in Hobart but still managed to go from zero sales to $4 million per annum by the time I sold out to a former employee. The business is still trading very successfully and is continuing to expand in the education sector. (as at October 2021).


I am the first to admit that I only had a basic education and have no real professional qualifications. I possess a good work ethic and a fair amount of common sense which enabled me to succeed in most of my endeavours.  I believe I can assist anyone in small business because of my hard yards as a hands on small business person myself. I am a great believer in genuine customer service and can pass on much information to assist in sales and purchasing and many other aspects of running a small business.