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John Wooldrage

Passionate, positive and driven to exceed expectations, John is an experienced franchisee and business owner. A strong leader and team player, his strengths include marketing, advertising, finance, sales, business planning, staff supervision, stock control and bookkeeping. John is experienced in all aspects of running an all-encompassing business.


  • Management-
  • Marketing-
  • Sales-
  • Relationships-
  • Planning-


  • Tourism, hospitality, accommodation and food services-
  • Retail trade-

Spoken Languages:

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Geelong-
  • Surfcoast-
  • South West VIC-

Locations by request:

  • Ballarat-
  • Hamilton-
  • Horsham-
  • Warrnambool-
  • South West VIC-
  • (By appointment. )

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Business Mentor and Honorary Treasurer, Phillip Island Community & Learning Centre (PICAL)

Detailed CV:

As a former franchisee and motel/motor inn owner, John is a strong leader with a focus on attention to detail. He has an ability to adapt to continually changing environments, is a team player and excellent communicator and organiser.

Through experience, John knows how important it is to make a good first impression, encourage repeat business through great customer service, treat staff well, sett appropriate KPIs, ensure good cash flow, encourage client feedback, monitor and review competition, keep marketing relevant and up to date, concentrate on your strengths and balance work and family.

  • 1993-1998. Resort manager, Moffat Beach.
  • 1998-2008. Fruit juice franchisee.
  • 2008-2010. Commercial cleaning franchisee.
  • 2010-2015. Motor inn proprietor, Kilcoy.
  • 2015-2017. Motel proprietor, Cleveland Bay.


  • Business Management Diploma, Australian Institute of Management
  • Real Estate (Victoria and Queensland) and Auctioneer’s Licence (Victoria)

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