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Grant Leibbrandt

An innovative thinker and inspiring leader, Grant has many years’ experience founding and running businesses . He has been involved in all aspects of his companies, with a focus on marketing and innovation. Grant believes in building sustainable relationships, networking and creating solutions. His strengths lie in his client-centric approach and out-of-the-box thinking.


  • Planning-
  • Marketing-
  • Sales-
  • Web & Online Marketing-
  • Finance-
  • Exit/Succession-


  • Manufacturing-
  • Tourism, hospitality, accommodation and food services-
  • Administrative and support services-
  • Professional, scientific and technical services-

Spoken Languages:

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne CBD-
  • Melbourne East-
  • Melbourne South-
  • Melbourne South East-

Locations by request:

  • Geelong-
  • Mornington Peninsula-
  • (Occasional visits)

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Founder of StartUp, Owner of Explore Innovation and SBMS Mentor

Detailed CV:


PROFILE Passion for business and Innovation

I am a solution finder, innovative thinker and inspiring leader and have successfully designed and implemented numerous products, services and business models during my career. I continue to push the envelope to find creative ways to add value to to clients.

My strengths lie in a client-centric approach and out-of-the-box thinking. My voluntary work, mentoring ventures, has confirmed this and provided basis for me to assist hundreds of business owners, I have also collaborated with large non-profits in the past.

Having completed a Master’s degree in Innovation, my journey to preach and implement the benefits of its application is well on the way. This compliments having almost two decades of creating, managing, pivoting and exiting two businesses and of practicing and designing innovation interventions.

I thoroughly enjoy working with people who have a similar motivations. My growth mindset has driven me to propel the evolution of  every business I have been involved with. My experiences, successes and failures, have contributed to my perspectives and increased my desire to listen to those around me and continuously develop myself. Over time, I have interacted with organizations of all sizes, types and management levels and have lead  and formed part of numerous teams. I have also assisted with numerous team development exercises.

Besides founding  and running businesses, my background in the development and facilitation  of workshops  and hundreds of events, enables me to build innovation capacity and harness the power of collaboration and co-creation .This experience in the design and delivery of training relating to  team development and the creation of various leadership and innovation content.  I have a Cert IV In Training And Assessment, amoungst numerous other training certifications.



My career thus far has consisted of starting and growing a number of enterprises and actively pursuing the creation of value. I am consistently looking for enhancements and growth opportunities. Business development has been  core part of my roles and creating customised solutions has been key to that. I have developed my skills further to enable me to contribute above and beyond pure experience. My voluntary work mentoring entrepreneurs has provided local context and enabled me to make a difference to their growth  opportunities.




I have applied my skills to a number of early stage companies, including my own. During this period I ran an accelerator and used various frameworks to extract maximum value for the companies. This reinforced my passion for creating growth and seeing new business opportunities.


BUSINESS MENTOR for Small Business Mentoring Service and ASBAS 2017-

This voluntary work has exposed me to hundreds of local entrepreneurs and the professional development within the organisation. I have deliberately put my hand up for numerous assignments to bring my unique skills to as many clients as possible. I have endeavoured to point out new opportunities and bring fresh thinking to established businesses, while educating and advising start-ups on the route forward.


FOUNDER AND CHIEF IDEA GENERATOR Explore Innovation/ Business Ignition Singapore/ International / 2015 –

Created Innovation Sense™ creative capacity building program aswell as a course aimed at team leaders called Leading for Innovation currently being launched in Singapore.

Executed design and delivery of interventions particularly using business model and service innovation as well as creative thinking methods.

Performed marketing and sales function including Social Media

Founded business and established all collateral and strategies

Develop JV strategy with Stratezy

Created innovation workshop for Stratezy clients


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Outdoor In Asia & Creative Leadership in Asia, Singapore, / 2016 - 2017

Outgoing sales functions

Designing bespoke programs

Strategy development


DIRECTOR Affordable Adventures, Johannesburg / 2009 – 2015

Transformed general management of company

Grew sales department by 500%

Executed Marketing functions and overall operations and

Drove strategic direction.

Developed new, accredited L&D branch

Started an innovative spin off using a new business model and product range

Implemented CRM to include 40 000 client details and other initiatives

Developed new products and improved pricing strategy


FOUNDER AND CEO Dynamic Corporate Activities, Cape Town / 2002 – 2008

Started and built business into a market leader and managed on ongoing basis.

Developed structure structure and procedures

Pivoted into L&D and internal marketing fields

Directed 100% of sales and marketing functions



  • Masters in Innovation
  • B.Comm.Fin.Acc
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Certified Innovation Games, DiSC and NLP facilitator
  • Customer experience
  • Business Model Innovation