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Denise Hall

Denise helps YOU facilitate FREEDOM from your Business no longer serving your Purpose.
Exiting from your business is inevitable; an Event with 100% Certainty BUT it can be Planned or Unplanned, Voluntary or Involuntary...

As a practicing LINCHPIN, having been there, done that multiple times, as well as executing her own exit on three separate occasions, she knows how to plot and scheme to GET you OUT, within market realities.

Critiquing Business Sale-Readiness for Business Owners is done by working up close and personal to ensure the transition process is as smooth and as seamless as possible. As well as being ever mindful of the impact on the Business and the Personal based on completing 150+ Appraisals annually...

Her quest therefore is for every Business Owner to know what their business is worth at any given time, you included...

Denise is experienced in all aspects of running a small business, particularly preparing businesses for sale, across a range of industries. She has owned and worked in many small businesses over the past 20 years. As a mentor, Denise is motivated, analytical, engaging and empathetic.


  • Exit/Succession-
  • Online-
  • Planning-
  • Sales-
  • Relationships-
  • Marketing-
  • Management-
  • Web & Online Marketing-


  • Professional, scientific and technical services-
  • Education and training-
  • Administrative and support services-
  • Financial and insurance services-
  • Health care and social assistance-
  • Manufacturing-
  • Mining-
  • Rental, hiring and real estate services-
  • Web & Online Marketing-
  • Transport, postal and warehousing-
  • Wholesale trade-

Spoken Languages:

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne CBD-
  • Melbourne East-
  • Melbourne North-
  • Melbourne North West-
  • Melbourne South-
  • Melbourne South East-
  • Melbourne West-

Locations by request:

  • Mornington Peninsula-
  • Yarra Valley-
  • (Happy to visit to all other locations, including Tasmania, if enough interest around Exit and Selling a Business means that a few meetings can be arranged in one/two day/s blocks.)

Current Occupation:

Mentor; Business Value Analyst, Exit Strategist and Broker.

Detailed CV:

Denise has managed business transition projects for much of her professional life. Key responsibilities have included balancing associated party needs, managing business changes, monitoring KPIs and managing resources.

Why me?
* Practicing LINCHPIN
* Value Analyst in Business Sale-Readiness and facilitating the exit/entrance of Business Owners
* Business Broker and Exit Strategist
* Creator of knowledge gap-filling training programs e.g. How to Buy a Business; Tales from the Backend of the Business Lifecycle.
* Certified Practicing Business Broker (CPBB) via Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB)
* Established "the entrepreneurial mother®"​ specialising in Finishing Unfinished Business
* SOLD aCEtalentNET (Corporate Talent Agency for Change Management Consultants)
* Qualified as a Certified Agents Representative (CAR REIV)
* Built aCE talentNET into a 7-figure Business
* Contributed to the best-selling book "Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed"​
* SOLD The MOS Network
* SOLD Australian Homestay
* Launched aCE talentNET (nee aCE Resources)
* Re-established aCE Resources representing Management Consultants internationally
* Established The MOS Network, in partnership, sourcing specific 'process/productivity' Consultants
* Established aCE Resources Melbourne
* Implementation and Skills Specialist with Proudfoot Consulting and Philip Crosby (TQM)
* Organisational Development, Communications and Training at ANZ Banking Group



  • Bachelor of Training and Development, University of Melbourne
  • Diploma of Training and Development, University of Melbourne
  • Certified Agents Representative Real Estate Institute of Victoria
  • Certificate IV, Workplace Training
  • Certified Practicing Business Broker, Australian Institute of Business Brokers
  • Registered Business Valuer, Australian Valuers Institute

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