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Leigh Powell

While Leigh is experienced in banking and finance, his experience can be translated across a variety of industries and professional services. Among his many strengths are start-ups, managing growth, leveraging strengths and acknowledging weaknesses, competition and team engagement.


  • Finance-
  • Planning-
  • Management-
  • Sales-
  • Relationships-
  • Governance-
  • Grants-


  • Financial and insurance services-
  • Tourism, hospitality, accommodation and food services-
  • Manufacturing-
  • Administrative and support services-

Spoken Languages:

  • English-

State: Victoria

Primary Locations:

  • Melbourne CBD-
  • Melbourne South-

Locations by request:

  • South Gippsland-
  • Mornington Peninsula-
  • (I am based in Brighton. On occasion I traval to Mornington Pen and to Phillip Island)

Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Business Mentor, Strategist and Consultant helping SME's, small business owners and micro-preneurs survive and thrive.

Detailed CV:

Through his banking and finance background, Leigh has experience in and an understanding of the challenges small businesses face. His particular strengths include:

  • Pricing and profitability strategy and modelling 
  • Viability assessment
  • Lead generation
  • Navigating start-up challenges
  • Managing growth and resource priorities 
  • Leveraging key strengths and acknowledging weaknesses
  • Recognising and responding to competition
  • Team engagement
  • Recognising the importance of your banking relationship and cash flow and working capital needs
  • Managing the difficulties and major decisions that all businesses face from time to time.


  • Bachelor of Commerce