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Jean Sutherland

Jean helps small businesses in regional Victoria to pinpoint their trouble spots. She works with them to identify their target customers and competitors, the ‘points of difference’ between them and their competitors and how to turn this to their advantage. Jean helps identify what makes a customer come to the business and ensures that staff share the owner’s vision. She works with owners and their staff to improve customer service and make the customer feel valued and important so that they become loyal and the best referral you can have. Jean also reviews financial figures to identify areas that need addressing.


  • Planning-
  • Finance-
  • Governance-
  • Management-
  • Sales-


  • Financial and insurance services-
  • Professional, scientific and technical services-
  • Retail trade-
  • Transport, postal and warehousing-
  • Tourism, hospitality, accommodation and food services-
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and rural-

Spoken Languages:

Primary Locations:

  • North Central VIC-
  • North West VIC-
  • Horsham-
  • Shepparton-

Current Occupation:

Consultant Director of a contracting business in regional Victoria, overseeing all aspects of finance, employees, debtors, creditors and marketing.

Detailed CV:

Jean has been a partner in a large regional accounting firm and operated accounting practices in regional Victoria for more than 25 years, working with medium and small business owners on all aspects of their business, including debt control, income and expenses, profit drivers, how profit differs from cash flow, increasing profits,  employee responsibilities and marketing. She has a strong business background and enjoys a good working relationship with small business owners. Her experience gives her the insight necessary to help a business move forward and she enjoys sharing the business owner’s success and achieving a life/work balance.

Jean’s involvement in the auditing of Not-for-Profit organisations and superannuation funds enables her to question and identify problem areas of a business. She is a director of a contracting operation and understands the issues facing small business, such as employment obligations, keeping debtors and creditors under control, understand competitors, motivating staff and having a work/life balance. From 2002-2013, Jean was a director on a number of state government boards, including Chair of Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committees. This gave her the ability to review all areas of a business, including corporate governance, risk management and financial management.

Jean recently completed a Business Advising course that provided her with skills to pinpoint problem areas within small business and help owners understand and ‘own’ the solutions that will work best for them. She might do this by asking questions that make the owners think about the way they do business and how their staff interact with the customer. Jean looks at target customers, competitors, customer service, life/work balance, image and brand and customer expectations. 


  • Cert IV in Life/Business Coaching
  • Certificate in Business Studies

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