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Guy Ward

After starting his career as a software engineer, Guy has been involved in starting and running businesses for 30 years. He has extensive knowledge in a range of areas including company start-ups, business strategy development, business plan review and development, situational analysis, product/service feasibility analysis, funding options, marketing analysis and marketing plan development.


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Spoken Languages:

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State: Victoria

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Mentoring available by:

  • In Person, Face to Face in (Victoria) or by Phone and online

I can also deliver mentoring by phone and online

Current Occupation:

Business mentor and business and engineering consultant.

Detailed CV:

Business Experience: Guy has about 33 years' experience in business, including eight years running a home-based franchise. He is aware of the problems faced by small business in getting their product or service into the market place with a very limited promotional budget and the various avenues available, including guerrilla marketing. He also realised that he needed to develop broad-based business skills and become competent in all aspects of running a business. This provided the impetus to seek advice from other people in small business and also to start his MBA.

More recently, Guy has been involved in the start-up of an internet publishing business. This saw him develop many new skills. Initially he needed to prove the viability of the concept then find alliance partners in the publishing industry, secure seed (angel-investor) finance, establish a management team with the necessary skills, establish an advisory team of technical experts, develop business and marketing plans, develop the company image and culture as well as do regular presentations to potential investors, including venture capital groups.  To help him do this he engaged an experienced business advisor. The skills Guy learned in this business were further honed in a telecommunications business start-up in 2003. This business is operating today and he is still involved as a consultant. 

Business History: Guy started his career as a software engineer in the telecommunications industry more than 40 years ago.  Since then he has also worked in power engineering, industrial automation and defence electronics.  He has worked for companies such as Ericsson, AEG-Telefunken, Rockwell and Siemens. Guy spent several years working overseas in Germany and the USA. During the 1990s as a senior design engineer and subsequently project manager with Siemens, he played a key role in developing a range of network management products that have formed a large part of Telstra’s Australia-wide backbone network management system.

During the 1990s, Guy was involved in the running of a home-based franchise business as well as completing his MBA.  With a strong desire to start his own business, in 2000 he left Siemens and started an internet-based publishing business working with a fellow student from the MBA course who had already taken a business through from start-up to listing on the ASX. Around 2003, Guy co-founded Kerem Technology, a telecommunications company that licensed intellectual property from Siemens to further develop, manufacture and supply network management and other equipment, primarily to Telstra. Since then the company has gone on to develop its own unique range of products.

Mentoring Experience: Guy has been a business mentor with SBMS since 2008 and has seen several hundred clients across a very diverse business and industry base. Among them are accounting, alternative health care, automotive parts design and manufacture, bookkeeping, automation and internet of things, business consulting, clubs, education and training, electricity metering, equestrian training video production, fashion/clothing manufacture and retail, hairdressing services, security services, solar panel installation, mortgage broking, jewellery design, manufacture and sales, a diverse range of Not-for-Profit businesses, organic retail, personal fitness training services, photographic studio operation, photography services, poultry, property services management, product launch, psychology practice, publishing, retailing gift shops, food, engineering supplies, toys, skin product manufacture and retain, smartphone apps, software development services, theme park establishment, tourist map production and sales, transportation logistics, video production services, website production and wedding organisation.


  • Master of Business Administration (with major in entrepreneurship and innovation)
  • Bachelor of Science (IT Major)
  • Diploma Applied Finance and Investment