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Digital Engagement Implementation - Bass Coast

Date Tuesday, 8 Aug 2017
Time 09.30 to 11.30
Venue Newhaven Visitor Information Centre
Address Newhaven Visitor Information Centre
895 Phillip Island Road
Newhaven Vic 3995
Pricing $25.00

20 out of 20 places remaining

Digital Engagement Implementation provides a unique look into the world of digital marketing and digital productivity.

When the topic Digital Engagement arises, many business people immediately think of Social Media and the hours that can be wasted posting pictures of lunches, family snaps and other seemingly meaningless chatter rather than ‘doing business’.

Whilst Social Media is a huge part of today’s world, Digital Engagement in the context of this workshop takes participants into a much broader world of HOW technology can be used across all areas of business, how it can save time and increase productivity and how it can be used to open new markets and connect small businesses to global economies.

This workshop has been designed to provide participants with…

  • advice and assistance on e-commerce take-up
  • advice and assistance with information technology and broadband services issues
  • advice on adopting technology concepts to assist with marketing, managing and growing ideas

We start off by understanding how people interact online and then look at how you can firstly find and then secondly connect with the people most important to your business. Next we look at some of the many digital productivity tools available that can have a dramatic impact on time utilisation and help you get your life back.

Fee for this 2 hour workshop and private Mentoring session with a SBMS Mentor is just $25

Book early to reserve YOUR place as places are strictly limited to 20 people

"This project has been supported by the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) programme, an Australian Government initiative"

Program hosted by Bass Coast Shire Council

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SBMS is proudly supported by the Victorian Government & Small Business Victoria

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