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Women in Business

Women in Business Women in Business

Women in Business is an outstanding six month program that assists women to grow and develop their individual businesses.

The unique format combines education in the form of 5 x 3 hour workshops with 5 x 1 hour mentoring sessions to help participants both learn and implement the many tools, ideas and concepts they learn into their daily business lives.

Program Overview

Workshop 1 - Setting your Compass helps you understand WHY you are in business and then set a realistic direction and goals to create the outcomes you desire

Workshop 2 - Decide YOUR Income helps you understand how to generate the income you require through appropriate budgeting, pricing and setting of financial KPI's.

Workshop 3 - Customer Focused Marketing offers a clear insight to marketing your business from the customers perspective along with showing you how to connect with YOUR ideal customers.

Workshop 4 - Customer Focused e-Marketing helps you effectively take your general marketing and brand into the online space via websites and social media.

Workshop 5 - Managing for SUCCESS helps you understand why and what you manage plus sort out the important things to manage in your business

Mentoring - each workshop session is followed up with a private Mentoring session to help you implement and integrate the relevant ports of the workshop material into your specific business.

Register your interest for the Business in Heels Women in Business program here. Dates and locations will be provided as groups are formed.


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