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Small Business Banter


Small Business Banter is a 30 minute Radio Program distributed through the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and available to over 450 community radio stations.

Presented by Michael Kerr from Kerr Capital and David Gregory, CEO of the Small Business Mentoring Service, Small Business Banter seeks to bring together some of the leading lights in the small business space to talk about their experiences and give advice and tips. 


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Other Podcasts:

Biz Success Radio by Anthony Turner

Biz Success Radio is totally dedicated to helping business owners become more successful at what they do.

Biz Success Radio is full of interesting 20-30 minute interviews with successful business leaders, short talks from experts in a variety of business related topics AND other business owners like you who are on the journey.

Please direct requests to be interviewed and/or questions about this program to Anthony M Turner via email at [email protected]




S1E26 | Guests: Mick Carr and Matt Goddard

Mick Carr, Director of Vision at Vision Co.

Mick Carr and Mat Goddard founded thevillageco.com to help small businesses access tech that would help them run a better business while also "keeping more money in the village" for the benefit of all in the local community. They share their purpose, and also the extraordinary lengths, they went to get this startup up and running.



S1E25 | Guests: Mick Hase

picture of man standing in front of board showing UN sustainable development goals

Mick Hase owns 3 businesses. Today we talk to him about SEVENTEENx Events which he founded to drive business to more fully engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mick enlightens us on the 17 UN SDG's and the opportunities ahead for savvy businesses.



S1:24 | Guests: Rachel Power

picture of a woman, Rachel Power, standing in a rainforest

Rachel Power was an experienced entrepreneur who had started successful family businesses. After a round-Australia trip the family decided they were up for another adventure. In rapid time they settled on Tasmania and haven't looked back.



S1E23 | Guests: Theo Williams

image of man, Theo Williams, laughing while he looks at his phone

Theo Williams co-founded localised.com. It was his first business and the mission was to help local communities thrive by more efficiently connecting local buyers & sellers. Theo talks about the start-up journey and keeping business local.



S1E22 | Guests: Andrea Roberts

image of a woman, Andrea Roberts, crossing her arms and smiling

Andrea Roberts, Creative Strategist, tell us how she transforms places & businesses through original ideas and storytelling that moves people. Andrea has worked across Australia and shares her current thinking on the bright future for regional Australia.



S1E21 | Guests: Mark Harwood

image of man, Mark Harwood, standing in front of grey background

Mark Harwood the CEO of Captivate Connect which provides telco services. He understands how important telco services are to regional businesses and he shares his tips to help owners deal better with their customers.



S1E20 | Guests: Dave Strutton

picture of man, David Strutton, with a surprised expression, wearing a Howard's Storage World uniform

Dave Strutton at heart was an entrepreneur. He switched successfully from almond farming to owning and running a successful Howards Storage World franchise. Dave shares his wisdom on how he made this major change success for him and his family.



S1E19 | Guests: Bill Lang

picture of man, Bill Lang, smiling with black background

Bill Lang through Small Business Australia advocates for small business at all 3 levels of Government. Bill understands the importance of small business to the whole Australian economy and he takes us through the work he is doing to make this happen.



S1E17 | Guests: Tim Hoopman

picture of man, Tim Hoopman, smiling, standing to the side of lecture theatre

Tim Hoopmann, speaker for Beyond Blue, talks about the best ways for small business owners to identify and then deal with mental health issues impacting them, their family and their business.



S1E16 | Guests: John Hall

picture of man standing behind cactus, smiling, with cacti in the background

John Hall runs Cactus Country a second generation family business based in Strathmerton, Victoria. The business has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and John talks openly about how the family tackled all the challenges that came with growth.



S1E15 | Guests: Jo Palmer

black and white image of woman, Jo Palmer, speaking into a microphone

Jo Palmer from Pointer Remote Roles explains what outsourcing is and how it can help small business owners to make more money and create more time. She also explains the options and benefits of outsourcing within Australia.



S1E14 | Guests: Matt Vitale

picture of man smiling to camera

Matt Vitale from Birchal, a leading Australian equity crowd funding platform, talks about how small business owners can use crowd funding as an alternative source of finance.



S1E13 | Guests: James Grugeon

picture of man standing against a wall smiling

James Grugeon's business the The Good Beer Co. was heavily impacted by COVID-19. James talks about how he adapted, found new customers while also supporting the industry, and ultimately repositioned his business to both survive and thrive.



S1E12 | Guests: Tim Reid

image of man, face tied up in microphone lead with the words, small business big marketing, in large letters

Tim Reid provides practical tips to smash 3 limiting beliefs holding back marketing success in small business. Tim also explains how owners can quickly and dramatically improve their small business by adopting a 'helpful marketing' approach.



S1E11 | Guests: Deborah Halpern

picture of woman, smiling, with picasso inspired art in the background

How to be a Creative, and have a business being that Creative. Deborah Halpern is one of Australia’s most celebrated sculptors. Deb and her business mentor Jon Michail explain their approach to making a successful business out of a creative pursuit.



S1E10 | Guests: Rebecca Domorey

picture of woman watching her cup of tea being poured by an offscreen waiter

Rebecca (Bec) Domorev, MD and co-founder, talks about starting and growing Tielka, the business behind Australia's most awarded organic tea



S1E09 | Guests: Joe Formichella

picture of man, Joe Formichella, smiling to camera

Getting the most from your small business banking relationship. We know small businesses rely on banks. So how do you make your banking relationship work better for you in our challenging business environment?



S1E08 | Guests: Leah Armstrong and Jane Pound

picture of woman, Jane Pound, smiling to camera

Successful indigenous businesses create a multiplier effect with far reaching benefits. First Australians Capital's ambition is to empower First Australians to drive their own economic futures by harnessing the strength of our cultural, creative and economic capital.



S1E07 | Guests: Carly Flecknoe

woman, wearing golden face mask smiles at camera

Carly Flecknoe made a successful tree-change to Halls Gap, in Victoria. Co-founding her own and working collaboratively with other local small businesses was a big part of success for her and family.



S1E06 | Guests: Kerry Anderson

woman, Kerry Anderson, speaks to crowd in lecture theatre

Making your regional or rural community more sustainable with a healthy, local small business eco-system. Business, and especially small business, is central to the ongoing sustainability and vitality of regional and rural communities. Getting it right requires a community-led, and 'whole of community' approach.



S1E05 | Guests: Joh Lyons

woman, joh lyons, smiles to camera

Is Social Enterprise they key to solving societal problems while creating viable businesses and jobs? Joh Lyons from Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective talks about how Social Enterprise can enable entrepreneurs to solve societal problems while creating sustainable jobs and businesses.



S1E04 | Guests: Andrew Clements

man, Andrew Clements, smiles to camera

The employee ownership model is on the move in Australia. Research shows that when done well employee ownership significantly and positively improves the financial performance of businesses, and that benefits both owners and employees.



S1E03 | Guests: Rob Pierce

man, Robert Pierce, smiles to camera

Intellectual Property isn't just for big companies. IP can make your small business more successful and more valuable.



S1E02 | Guests: Anthony Turner

man, points to screen with table outlining different phases

Small business is harder than it has ever been. One disaster after another. Practical tips for surviving from an experienced mentor and past business owner.



S1E01 | Guests: David Gregory

small business mentoring service logo

Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) has 180+ experienced mentors available to help small business owners. SBMS CEO, David Gregory provides a rundown on the low cost services offered and how to access them.





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