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QVM RMIT Digital Assistance program

Free help with Advertising, Marketing and Social Media


The most common problem faced by business owners is time. You are so busy running your business that there is no time to plan out your marketing and advertising campaigns and get on top of social media!

You know what you should be doing, but finding the energy, resources, and know-how can be a massive hurdle.

SBMS, as part of the Trader Connect Program has come up with a solution! Partnering with RMIT University, online savvy students will now be available to work with traders and assist in developing strategies and implementing them throughout their semester – this is a FREE service for QVM traders!

 Why this is great

The great thing about this program is that the students will be tasked to find custom advertising and digital marketing solutions specifically suitable for each trader. No two businesses are alike at QVM, so working one-on-one with student groups and business mentors, traders will end-up with the perfect strategy and marketing plan for their business, and the students will make it happen…. Without any out of pocket expenses!

 If you are online Savvy

The bonus is that each trader’s existing plans, capabilities and ideas will be factored into the plan. Meaning that if you are already savvy and proactive with online marketing, the students can help enhance your efforts, and make it happen faster, plus after meeting with you, they can suggest ideas you may not have had otherwise.

 If you are a digital Neanderthal

Conversely, if you have absolutely no idea where to start, or what social media is, or if you have any ideas that you would like the students to implement, that’s great, because the students will come up with options for you to choose from, will help activate the ideas, and ensure that you fully understand what is being done to promote your business, and leave you with detailed instructions on what needs to be done next, if anything at all. Tasks can be as simple as just making sure your business is listed on relevant online directories that have now replaced the Yellow Pages, so clients looking for your product can find you easier.

 Language Help

And one final bonus worth mentioning, is that if your preferred language is not English, there is a good chance that there are students speaking your language, that can be matched to work with you, making it a whole lot easier for you.

 Further Information

Please complete the Expression of Interest at http://bit.ly/RMITDM2 or contact [email protected] if you want to register your interest for Semester 2, 2019, starting August.

All your questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Section, including:

What will the student do? What marketing is included? What happens after the students have finished? How much effort is required from you?

 You can always call or email Madalen at the Trader Lounge to discuss further, via 1300 631 171 or [email protected]


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