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Learn Local Support Program 2022- (Round 2) Engaging Employers- Expression Of Interest

Learn Local Support Program 2022- (Round 2) Engaging Employers- Expression Of Interest
Date Thursday, 1 Sep 2022 to Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022
Venue Virtual On Line Delivery
Address Virtual
Pricing Free

This Program has been developed in recognition of the many significant changes to our working population including relocation from city to regional locations, working from home and staff shortages caused by both lockdowns and Covid isolation requirements.

These changes have created a situation where many employers and industries are facing ongoing significant challenges in finding, training and engaging workers within local communities.

This provides a unique opportunity for the Learn Local community to help ease these issues within their local communities.

Hence this PD Program to help individual LLP’s both prepare for and engage with community stakeholders, so they become a critical partner for helping potential employees get job-ready in a truly targeted and community relevant way.

The Program includes…

  1. Introductory webinars to launch/market this Program to LLP Managers/Coordinators and/or CoM Members, to explain the concept, aims and delivery methodology of the PD Program
  2. Instructional workshops (primarily for Managers/Coordinators/CoM Members charged with LLP Business development functions) that cover…
    1. The needs of your business – how to determine the needs of the LLP to ensure longevity of service provision. This part of the workshop provides tools and tuition to truly establish organisational needs.
    2. The needs of your community – every Community changes but many LLPs are challenges by maintaining relevance to their community’s needs (particularly in relation to the strategic economic/business/workplace focus requirements of the Minister/ACFE). In this part of the workshop, we provide tools and tuition to better determine the real needs of the local business community so LLPs can become a truly relevant source for meeting those needs
    3. Creating a bridge – knowing the needs of both LLP and community is great BUT building a bridge between the two is paramount for ongoing service. This part of the program shows HOW to blend marketing concepts/tools with community needs (particularly those relating to business/workplace training/other stakeholders) to help build a stronger bridge between LLPs and the real needs of local business. It also provides several free/low-cost tools to help create professional looking communications for print and electronic marketing channels.
    4. Creating a marketing plan – provides tools and tuition to foster and enable liaising with and working with appropriate business/community/government stakeholders to attract clients to the LLP
    5. Creating marketing collateral – provides tools and tuition to better promote training to vulnerable workers business/community/government/clients/stakeholders
    6. Private Mentoring Support Sessions – focused around utilisation of locally based Mentors to assist with identification of and introduction to appropriate local business groups/industries who need employees/appropriate workplace training, fostering networking between these parties and assisting with creation of marketing plans/collateral for identified solutions.
    7. Facilitated Community Working Group Sessions – designed to both bring appropriate business, industry, local government, LLPs and other educational bodies together to assist them with the creation and implementation of pathways for relevant workplace training and job placement opportunities within their respective local communities

This Program is open to all LLP’s in terms of tuition and mentoring.

Applications will be sought for assistance with creating/mentoring of a total of 16 Facilitated Community Working Groups (1 for each of the 8 regions in Term 3 and 1 for each of the 8 Regions in Term 4).

Successful applicants will be provided with 2 x facilitated working group sessions to assist with sourcing relevant stakeholders, introductions to Local Government/Industry partners as well as assistance with setting up an ongoing forum for identification of and meeting local needs.

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