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Certificate IV New Small Business

SBMS has joined forces with The Monarch Institute to offer a Certificate IV in New Small Business. (BSB42615)

This course, supported by SBMS has a price of $2100 and will cost you $575 if you are eligible for Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. This course includes 3 mentoring sessions through SBMS. 

 The course is available across Australia and will be delivered online with the Mentoring face to face where possible and via Skype where the location is outside of our Mentors reach.

Cert IV Brochure


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Kick-start your small business idea

Get invaluable small-business knowledge and real-world, day-to-day business skills with SBMS supported qualification delivered by the Monarch Institute BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business.

Whether you’re looking to kick-start your own start-up idea, or looking to buy an existing business, this course will arm you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your goals. You will analyse the feasibility of a business idea or the health of an existing business and consider the operational elements of managing a small business.

You’ll use your existing business or new idea as a case study and upon completing this course you’ll walk away with a comprehensive business plan that you can use to hit the ground running.

Monarch’s courses are designed to be flexible and are delivered online. You can study anywhere, anytime – whatever works best for you.

You may also be eligible to take advantage of government funding, depending on your circumstances and where you live.

As a client or member of Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) you will receive three one-on-one sessions with an experienced mentor as part of your enrolment in this course.

Your SBMS mentor can assist with solving the problems of running small to medium businesses. You can select the mentor that is most appropriate for your business needs and if they are available, you will receive your 3 mentoring sessions face to face or over the phone as part of the course fee.



Full fee $2100

If you are eligible for Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding, your total costs will be just $575  (What this means is that if you either have no qualifications or qualifications lower than a certificate 4 level, you can get your whole course for $575 including the 3 mentoring sessions!)


Additional information:

You’ll need to study a total of 10 units, which are spread out over four modules. Here’s what you’ll learn along the way:

Module 1 / Getting Started

  • Pathways to getting started
  • What is a small business?
  • Is being self-employed for me?
  • What type of business can I operate?
  • Phases of a small business
  • Small-business planning
  • Operating strategies (service, retail, manufacturing)
  • Understanding your customer
  • Finding your market niche
  • Positioning your business
  • Financial viability
  • Selling or closing your business
  • Establish legal and risk-management requirements
  • Determining best legal structure for your business
  • Registering a name
  • ACN versus ABN
  • Intellectual property
  • Licences and permits
  • Business insurance
  • Obligations of business owner/operator
  • Introduction to tax requirements
  • Record keeping
  • Contracts


Module 2 / Sales and Marketing

  • Undertake marketing activities
  • What is marketing?
  • Marketing-plan introduction
  • Marketing research and analysis
  • Market segmentation and positioning
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing goals and objectives
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing small business
  • Determine a marketing mix for the business
  • Product strategy
  • Branding
  • Pricing strategy
  • Place – distribution strategy
  • Exporting and importing
  • Promote products and services
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Product launch
  • Online marketing
  • Understanding sales strategy
  • Identify and review sales approaches
  • Considering current and new market opportunities
  • Performance targets
  • Satisfying customer needs
  • Customer service
  • Networking
  • Tendering
  • Sales plan
  • Setting timelines and action plans
  • Measuring your marketing activity
  • Marketing budget
  • Bring marketing plan together
  • Monitor marketing plan


Module 3 / Operations

  • Operations strategy
  • Operation elements for business plan
  • Establishing appropriate premises
  • Leasing/ownership of premises and contracts
  • Production process
  • Suppliers
  • Plant and equipment
  • Stock control
  • Strategies for innovation
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Company management and workplace procedures
  • Quality control
  • Performance measures
  • Implement performance monitoring systems – KPIs
  • Contingency planning
  • Manage a small team
  • Determining staffing needs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Recruiting
  • Induction
  • Staff development and training
  • Implications for staffing
  • Staff counselling and termination
  • Record keeping
  • Review performance
  • Monitor and adjust staffing requirements
  • Support, encourage and reward staff
  • Bringing plan together
  • Business review


Module 4 / Finances

  • Plan small-business finances
  • Introduction to finance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss Statement (income statement)
  • Financial ratios
  • Cost structure
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Working capital
  • Budgeting and cashflow
  • Accounts receivable
  • Credit policy
  • Inventory
  • Overcoming problems/making adjustments
  • Develop financial plan
  • Acquire finance/sources of finance
  • Taxation and legal considerations
  • Taxation basics
  • Tax structures
  • Legal compliance
  • Information and documentation management
  • Manage small business finances
  • Financial KPIs
  • Complete financial plan
  • Monitor financial performance


Full fee $2100

If you are eligible for Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding, your total costs will be just $575  (What this means is that if you either have no qualifications or qualifications lower than a certificate 4 level, you can get your whole course for $575 including the 3 mentoring sessions!)

(Download the Brochureand (Download the Enrolment form)

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