How many sessions would you like with Keith?

How many sessions do I need?

The choice is up to you. However, our experience shows that the greatest long term benefit is achieved by having multiple sessions with 4 being optimal.

The exception to this is where there is a very specific problem that you want to discuss and that could be done in one or two sessions, or a start-up business idea that needs to be run past an experienced business person to determine its possible viability.

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Face to Face or Online Meeting:

This Mentor is available for both Face to Face sessions and Online session delivery. You can now choose to have your mentoring session face to face in a place and time of convenience where the mentor comes to you, or to have a session using ZOOM/Skype or other online methods. This choice is particularly helpful if you live in regional areas or those where there are no local mentors, or during COVID-19 where you would prefer to have an online mentor.

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