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All about the SBMS Experienced Business Mentors Collection


Do we research our mentoring activity?

From time to time we ask our Clients to complete a confidential survey on the mentoring that has taken place with them. This might be by email, mail or by telephone. We do this to ensure we are always improving our mentoring performance to meet our client’s expectations. 


Do we keep data records?

Yes, we record our mentoring activity in a numerical database so that we able to analyse our mentoring work. Your booking and session details are held on our database and are subject to the provisions of our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy which appears at the bottom of each screen.


Who runs SBMS Experienced Business Mentors Inc.?

The organisation is strategically managed by a Board drawn from the volunteer members. This is headed up by our Chairman Paul Smart. We have a full time CEO, David Gregory, whose responsibility is to manage the day to day activities and to develop our mentoring activities. All our Mentors are volunteers who do not charge for their mentoring.


Is SBMS a Government department?

No. The Small Business Mentoring Service is an independent, not-for-profit Association. It is part funded by DEDJTR through the Victorian Government, to deliver low cost mentoring programs but it operates independently from Government.


How long has the SBMS Experienced Business Mentors program been operating?

The organisation started in 1986 with a few like-minded retired businessmen offering services to help small businesses. Over the years we have grown so that we now have around 130 Mentors, who volunteer their time to help small business owners to address issues and to grow their businesses.

SBMS is proudly supported by the Victorian Government & Small Business Victoria